Friday, August 27, 2010

Jeff Spec - Sneakerboxxx

So I'm sitting here jammin out to the latest work from Hip Hop artist Jeff Spec titled Sneakerboxxx. When I say artist, I truly mean artist. A lot of people use that term loosely, however this cat is just that. So imagine a new day sneaker head meets a true underground hip hop head meets the rock n roll meets the 80's meets The Grouch... That's Jeff Spec. I have had Sneakerboxxx in daily rotation for about 2 days now and I have to say that it is nice to hear the roots of hip hop come through my headphones. Jeff blends great story telling with true hip hop rhythms and beats. From track to track you can tell that Jeff really put his everyday experiences and heart into this project. From a hip hop "fan" point of view it is refreshing to hear an artist bleed and preach a real message such as sneakerboxxx. He has a long range of talent through out the album and it is definite. The tracks go from 80's hip hop beats to acoustic tracks. "Turn it up"... is a banger!! I am feelin it! I have to say over all this is "make you feel good" music with an upbeat message. You can cop Sneakerboxxx on iTunes or just hit him up on his website. Big ups to Jeff Spec from D

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