Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pat Maine and MC Pig Pen

MC Pig Pen & Pat Maine - Old Hands by Pat maine
MC Pig Pen and Pat Maine have earned a reputation within the last
year as two of the hardest working, solo Hip Hop acts to come out of
the South West in a long time. Now, the two have teamed up on an album that is due out winter 2010. And, based on the sneak leak, 'Old Hands',
there is no denying that they put the same effort and hard work into their music that they do on
their touring; which is saying a lot. Pig Pen's aggressive and to the
point style, accompanied by the smooth flow of Pat Maine's in depth
rhymes, and a heart piercing melody on the chorus from Amber Lees make
'Old Hands' a very bright light into the future for these two aspiring

They are on the GREAT ESCAPE TOUR this summer...

Great Escape Tour - Summer 2010

-Aug 6 2010 9:30p Paparazzie Albuquerque, NM w/SAPIENT of Sand People
-Aug 7 2010 9:30P
 Boomers Las Vegas, NV, w/SAPIENT of Sand People

-Aug 13 2010 9:00P
 Sauced Oklahoma City, OK

-Aug 14 2010 9:00P
 LLywelyns Pub St Louis, Missouri

-Aug 16 2010 9:00P
 Pedicab Bar and Grill San Antonio, Texas

-Aug 17 2010 9:00P

-Aug 20 2010 9:30P
 The Hideout Omaha, Nebraska

-Aug 21 2010 9:30P
 Norms Superior, wi

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
 Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 25 2010 10:00P
 Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI

-Aug 26 2010 9:30P
 The House Cafe Dekalb, IL

-Sep 2 2010 9:30PThe Six Lounge Mount Pleasant, MI
-Sep 3 2010 10pm
The Perfect Pitcher Taylor, MI

-Sep 5 2010 10pm Dubland Underground, Rochester, NY

More dates to be added soon. Select dates will feature, THE MODERN

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