Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hip Hop's Greatest Eyedea

So It's been a little over a week since hip hop suffered one of it's greatest tragedies. Die-hard fans of indie hip hop had to say goodbye to Michael Larsen. For me the moment signifies the end of an era of my life. To me Eyedea WAS music. He embodied everything an artist is. Driven, energetic, endearing, human and most of all entertaining, Eyedea was that emcee that all emcees wish they could be.

I can't think of any movement in hip hop over the past 30 years more potent than what those good folks over at Rhymesayers Entertainment have done. Eyedea was apart of of something born from passion and work ethic. He was a modern day renaissance man, who was not confined to the limits of what he did not know how to do. When he wanted to do something he simply taught himself how.

For me personally, he was a hero. I remember spending hours watching his battles online, thinking how I wanted to be just like him. Every time someone has told me that I'm nice off the dome, I give a silent thank you to Eyedea. His resume and reputation are undeniable and his voice is unmistakeable. When I heard the news at first I was stunned, perhaps even numb. It isn't really till just now that I really understand and feel how much he meant to me. His voice put words to all of my emotions as teenager and still to this day. I had the opportunity to meet him on a few occasions and he was everything I imagined and more. You would never guess he was as young as he was because he spoke like such an old soul.

I made a little tribute video for him and put it up on youtube. The song is "Glass" from the E&A album.

I just want to say thank you to Eyedea one last time.


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  1. Well said...certainly tragic. It's good to know how much he influenced you. Imagine how many others he touched. It's crazy...He'll be missed. R.I.P. Eyedea