Tuesday, December 21, 2010

G-Dep: The Rise And Fall

Man... When I heard the news that G-Dep had recently confessed to a murder from almost 20 years ago I was a little shocked. I mean how can you have so many opportunities to do great things on top of having so much talent and then throw it all away? He went from "The King of Harlem" to "Special Delivery" to  25 to life. 
So many questions can be asked... was it the people he was surrounded with? was it that he had no direction? was it that NY state of mind that he just couldn't let go of? who knows. I can only imagine the demons he had looming in his mind about the regret of murder. I mean damn... how do you go 20 years with that thought lurking? I have to give Dep credit for walking into that Harlem police station and doing the right thing.  Not a lot of people could do that. It's a sad day for hip hop, but through it all you can't deny that G-Dep has been a legend in the game even if his career wasn't diamond studded with platinum and gold. Hopefully the truth will finally set him free. 

You can check out details on the G-Dep confession at MTV.com

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