Monday, January 10, 2011

Eastern Sunz - Corroded Utopia

NORTH WEST STAND UP! Just came across this group called Eastern Sunz. They have a dope sound. I really like the fact that they keep it true hip hop in every track that they have. You can listen and download there latest project Corroded Utopia HERE. If you are diggin em and want to check them out, they will be performing with Freeway and Jake One at the 12th annual Portland hip hop festival on Jan. 21st in Portland. Check out there full bio and visuals from Corroded Utopia after the jump.

"In the tradition of Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine, Eastern Sunz provide a fresh take on political, social, and environmental issues.  Intelligent lyrics, captivating production, and timely subject matter are the driving force behind Eastern Sunz music. 

Portland duo Courage and TravisT have steadily been touring nationwide as well as overseas, and continue to rapidly expand their fanbase to all corners of the world.  They have released five full length albums including the most recent, Corroded Utopia.

Eastern Sunz offer a powerful alternative to hip-hop's status quo by bringing focus to a wide variety of topics under the guise of identifiable and entertaining music.  They successfully raise important questions regarding the current condition of the world without alienating the casual listener."

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