Thursday, January 20, 2011

Philly Moves - Summer Breeze

I recently had the chance to really dig for some new music and I came across two guys, Tragic and Rockwell, otherwise known as the group "Philly Moves". These cats are based out of Ottawa Canada. This is one of those groups that sneaks up on you. At first glance you wouldn't think that the sounds of classic 90's hip hop flow would sift through the air waves when they would be performing. You would be wrong. They have a classic sound that takes you through the days of house parties, back yard basketball, super soaker drive bys, half naked women at the pool, cruising in Acura Legends, BB-Qs at the homies crib... ect. In other words the shit is some feel good music. Sorry about running on... Just remembering life in the 90's. Anyways... I was checking out there EP titled "25 Years" last week and it's been in rotation ever since. Philly Moves is a must for all of you true hip hop heads looking for a break from the norm. Check out their latest single titled "summer breeze" after the jump.

Check out more from Philly Moves HERE


  1. Yeeeea! Need more from these cats

  2. good looks Jangles!