Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Humpasaur Jones ft. Louis Mackey - Old Fashioned Love Song

It's not every day you come across a guy named "Humpasaur". The name kind reminds me of something like a prehistoric rabbit that you would find running around in a PG 13 Hanna Barbera cartoon. You think? Anyway... This is Humpasaur Jones and I came across his work in my inbox today. I had to post this for three reasons.
1. The dudes beard is a fu*king 10
2. His Bio is the best Bio I've ever read
3. The track is really good

Check out the greatest Bio I've ever read by Humpasaur Jones after the jump.

"I am a hick from the Backwoods of Vermont currently exiled in the cultural wasteland of Springfield, IL. I am a recovering Internet Marketing Asshole and former sex blogger, and like all American children, I just want to rap for a living. I released an album several billion years ago in 2007, went on tour, fell in love, got domesticated and watched it all burn down in 2010.

This is off an album I'm working on with Boston producer Dr. Quandary called Breakup Music. Like all my projects it's taken about a decade longer than expected, but we'll be mixing and mastering it out @ HQ within a month or so, finally."