Monday, February 7, 2011

J Dilla - The Inspiration

Word is born... J Dilla. So I wanted to post something up to remember the man that has brought so much to the hop hop world and music in general. I have always been inspired by the work and art that had been created over the years from Dilla. To tell you the truth J Dilla is the inspiration for "Donuts & Milk". I remember it was a little over a year ago and I was up at like 2 in the morning listening to a Slum Village track and thinking about creating a website for music. While the track playing I was remembering how ridiculously dope he was, so I started looking up all of his work. I literally listened to Dilla for like 2 weeks straight. The "Donuts LP" just stuck with me. I kept thinking if I could create a music site that even "kind of" resembled the love that Dilla had for music it would be a win and at that split second "Donuts&Milk" was born. All the gears started turning in my head and the concepts began. Pure music for people that enjoy the art of hip hop. So to make a long story short... I think J Dilla is an inspiration to all true hip hop heads and I'm glad that he still brings out the best in all of us. Happy Birthday Dilla. 

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