Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dillon - Dillon Ain't Playin (EP)

Jacksonville born and ATL resident Dillon Vaughan Maurer needs our help taking over the music industry. As you can see by his logo he doesn't play around with toy cars all day. Dillon makes dope music and food for the masses. Now he's also making a limited run of his new EP.

From Dillon:

   Basically, I'm putting this out entirely myself, and being the Earth-type dude that I am, I am putting the CD packaging together by hand (it's recyclable craft board from Portland, hippies) and am stamping the (organic, soy-based) ink artwork on too. I'm only making 300 copies, and i will (probably) write something stupid on each one, so they will be a unique piece of music wielding awesomeness.

     I need money so that I can buy the materials, get the CD's replicated (not duplicated, which is shitty), buy custom rubber stamps, and put all of this together. Of course there's the printing cost of (organic) hoodies and tee-shirts. Artwork, various promotional thangs like stickers, buttons & probably beer. That's just for me though. I will also need money for mixing, mastering, creating and filming music videos, trees, cheap wine, coffee and avocados. And (very) cheap champagne for when all of this is done.

As you can see Dillon is doing something brand new and unique. Check out a few tracks from his last project "Southern Scramble" then check out how you can be a part of the movment by peeping his Dillon Ain't Playin EP HERE