Friday, October 28, 2011

Jeff Spec - Specnology LP

Jeff Spec is the last of a dying breed. The man really takes the time to put out a project the right way. No  gimmicks... no bullshit... just straight hip hop. If it's not right he takes the time to make it right and if it's not ready he keeps grindin until it is ready. Ten months ago the thought of the Specnology LP sparked. Now we see the final product. This is a soulful "make you feel good" album that is up beat for the most part. I am really impressed with the sample cuts through the whole project. Jeff really took the time to make this album have character from the production to the lyrics. He has some pretty ill guest spots through out the album too. Long story short... this is a very "REAL" album. Spec definitely creates music from his soul and it shows through the speakers on this one.

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