Monday, October 24, 2011

King Magnetic & Reef The Lost Cauze live in Chicago (Contest)

October 21 - 24
To enter answer the following questions on our Donuts&Milk facebook page then message us your name/city/email at We will announce the winners on October 26th.

Q. What release featured Reef the Lost Cauze, King Magnetic, Edo G and Snowgoons?

Q. What song did King Magnetic produce for Reef the Lost Cauze on "Feast or Famine"?

Q. What legendary producer did Edo G record an album with in 2004? 

Grand Prize Winner
- 2 Tickets
- 2 VIP Passes
- 2 King & The Cauze T-Shirts
- 2 King & The Cauze Shadyville CDs
- 2 Favorite MC CDs
- 2 Tickets
- 1 King & The Cauze Shadyville CD
- 1 King & The Cauze Shadyville CD