Friday, December 16, 2011

Charmingly Ghetto's Study A'broad Mixtape Reviewed in the Boston Globe

It's been a month since we've presented Charmingly Ghetto's Study A'broad: The International Mixtape and the response has been nothing less than incredible. The Study A'broad Mixtape has received high praise from large blogs such as  Ruby Hornet, Get Right Music and even Intersections in the Daily Princetonian, and rightly so; The carefully hand picked Jazz infused production not only transports you back to the golden era of hip hop it also transports you across the Atlantic to the recording studios of artists such as Cypria (UK), Pajozo(SWD), and D-Tunes (Germany). Spanning across Europe and even as far as New Zeland and Iceland. This project maintains the feeling of  a well thought out album more so than just any other haphazard mixtape. It's CG's commanding East-coast flow and progressive message that brings the entire mixtape full circle back to where hip hop began. If you still haven't heard Study A'broad have a listen below. You'll have it on repeat until his next release, slated for early next year.

Today, Dec 16th, Martin Caballero reviewed the world-wide project for the Boston Globe. It seems his hometown has began to give the young humble MC the buzz and appreciation he rightly deserves. Keep you're eyes and ears peeled for the "Glory" music video dropping very soon.