Friday, December 16, 2011

Talib Kweli - Distractions

While we focus on gossip shows and filth flarn filth, our beloved country is being morphed into a military state. Yesterday the NDAA Bill was passed. This means that any individual that is simply suspected of terrorism can be incarcerated with no charge for an undisclosed and unlimited amount of time without access to any outside communication.

The next step towards the impeading of our freedoms is complete web dictator ship. The SOPA Bill (Stop Online Piracy Act) will give the government the control to shut down any website streaming copy-written material, they will be blacklisted and vanished.

With "Distractions" Talib and producer Oh No urge us to focus on what is important and let all the rest of the bull shit miss us. For the download go to Talib Kweli's FACEBOOK.

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