Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shady Blaze – Stars Will Light A Way (Video)

Happy New Years y'all! Hopefully we all get a chance to shine in 2012! This joint is fire.

J Grigdes - Wack Rappers (video)

J Grigdes gets to venting about the frustrations of being a radio DJ and having to play music by wack rappers. Extra ups for doing it in the power 92 studio's!

MadC Goes Neon (video)

Mad C brings us another spectacular vid to bring in the NEW YEAR. 2012 live it up.

Friday, December 30, 2011

State Champs - The Movie Mixtape

From the Champs:

The Movie Mixtape is the 3rd release from the Champs' in 2011 it is a compilation of new/unreleased material and serves as a soundtrack to the upcoming "Conservation Area" movie as well as a prelude to their upcoming debut album releasing in March 2012 entitled "Can't Lose.

Neak - Sayin' Something (prod. by Slot - A)

Look out for "Love Greater // The Prequel," to drop early next year.

Show You Suck - One Man Pizza Party 2 (mixtape)

The Homie SYS is so awesome in mo' slices mo' problems. Here in his Sophmore project  Show expresses the trials and tribulations of having snacks on snacks on snacks. With production from Mike Jaxx, Floyd A. Davis IV, and Flosstrudamus, show has snacks on deck. For the tracklist and download shoot the J.


Dee-1 - Standing Ovation XXL tribute (video)

Dee-1salutes the entire XXL freshman class

The Niceguys ft. Bun-B - Ari Gold (video)

If your anything like me you hate the Rock Rap era. This is nothing like that. I love this. Follow The Niceguys on Twitter @265nice.


Quick Dance Crew - Christmas Concept

Created by Hit & Run Quick blesses us with one of the more tasteful Christmas videos I've seen this season. If this doesn't bring you at least a little Holiday cheer then your just a Grinch. Stop being such a Scrooge and shoot the J for part 2.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Droop-E ft. Kendrick Lamar - Rossi Wine (video)

Droopy the looney tunes basset hound character was known for just appearing out of nowhere. Well the young producer Droop-E has lived up to his name and unexpectedly expected. Off the new "Hungry & Humble" project. 

Riz ft. Prodigy - Never Scared (video)

Harmonicas, horns and deep bass laced NYC swag. Off of the "Kiss the Ring" mixtape hosted by DJ Envy.

Ruckus Roboticus - 7 Remixes

The theme for this morning seems to be 1st Ohio and 2nd Outer Space. I don't know what it is about living in the Midwest during wintertime that makes most people want to transport past the stratosphere but I'm going to guess it's the weather.

I first heard Ruckus Roboticus years ago on Ninja Tune Solid Steel Radio. He had quite a legendary set if I remember correctly. He has since disappeared then reappeared a few times. Now it seems he is hard to work on his new album in a comfy cubby in the Space Station MIR. Look out for his album dropping early next year!


Zero Star: Space Rap 2.0 (video)

Zero Star doesn't drink. Don't offer him a beer, offer him some herb and dude will create. I'm not saying Zero made this while chopped but I do know it makes me feel like I'm chopped (I think that's the point). The fuzzed out frame is reminiscent of the Death Grips video that we all turned our heads sideways to earlier this year. It's different, I think it's dope but either-way the rolling bass, spaced out synth and clever lines will have you "rewinding" this joint for a second listen.  Maybe He's Joking Maybe He's not. 

S/O : KN

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Flosstradamus - 20Eleven Mix

Chitown floor movers Flosstradamus just released a mix of some of their favorite grooves from 2011. JUKE!


The WHOevers - Spectacular Vernacular (video)

Homies The WHOevers bless us with the first visual off their Renovations album. Cop it for FREE! Is that Joy from Spanish class? It's gotta be. #WhoWednesdays

Tinie Tempah ft. Big Sean - Lucky C**t

London's Tinie Tempah teamed up with Big Sean on his latest project the Happy Birthday EP. This joint is FIRE.

Consequence - Step Up (video)

Ain't no half steppin, we go in with all ten toes. It's the Cons fool.

KJ Hines - Coffee Break Remix

KJ Hines took ZedsDead and revived it with a few bars and hooks. This dude is live. 

RoQ'y TyRaiD - Preach!

RoQ'y dropped off one last track for 2011. This joint is vicious! You'll see this on his up coming project Ark of Arts due out in 2012.

Antwan Davis ft. Redi Roc, Chic Raw & Boogieman Dela - Break It Down Remix (video)

Producers Artiphacts & Beans join with the rest of the crew to create this Philly Hop remix.

Hakim Docteur - Montreal Aint Ready Remix (video)

Our homies from the north blessed us with this bilingual swag. The features where too many to list in the title so here it goes. : Da Capo, Akshun, Speak, XP, T.Y.J.E.I & BesRome 2012.

Crooked I - Sweet Freestyle

Crooked I goes in over Commons diss track "Sweet".  This COB repper's flow could make even Ice Cube in the movie "Lottery Ticket" look sweet.

Lando Wilkins & Friends - French Montana New Jack City Dance (video)

Norway's Lando Wilkins is always pushing the boundaries of both choreography and dance cinematography.

XiT - College. (mixtape)

Bronx MC XiT just dropped off his latest mixtape titled College. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Frank Ocean - 4 Tears

Frank wants you to here this.

The Weeknd & Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (JayBeatz mashup)

JayBeatz reached out and blessed us with his latest mashup. 

Seel Fresh - Times Up (video)

The Young artist and spitter Seel Fresh is on his grind. Here he dropshis latest vid of the Fresh To Def Mixtape.

Show You Suck - Healthy (video)

Off the One Man Pizza Party 2 Mixtape. If you're in Chicago on January 13'th make sure to check out the release party @ Reggie's Rock Club.

Bboy MEKA & Unique - Little Park Story (video)

Studio 35 Presents a well done visual starring the 2 Polish dancers Bboy MEKA and Unique. The dancing pops off @ 2:33.

e.d.g.e - Confirmation (video)

The last video from e.d.g.e's All Flow EverythingProduced by CientifiQ, video directed by Jenkin Au for justalilhype!.

Phil Ade - P.O.P Music (video)

DJ Scend & Scheme - 3 New / Unreleased Tracks

DJ Scend & Scheme bless us with 3 leaks off  their newest project set to drop 12/31/12

Childish Gambino - I'ma Boss (freestyle)

Some new Gambino action.

Sol - Stage Dive

'Stage Dive' is the first single from Sol's anticipated Yours Truly album due for a 1.20.12 release.

Babyface Monster ft. Sam Beckley - Be Free

Be Free is BFM's latest joint. The song is literally a letter to his incarcerated cousin & a deceased childhood friend. This is the sound of an artist rapping his heart out. 

Phillip Morris - Why You Have To Go And Break Phillip Morris' Heart?

Phillip Morris is back with some lyrics that will start your hair on fire. I apologize now if I get kind of random today. I'm laying on my couch with a cold that is kicking my ass. Thank god a took all that Nyquil... or was it promethozine? O__o

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch The Throne Tour Behind The Scenes Look By Tommy Ton

Photographer Tommy Ton captured some pretty amazing images of the Watch The Throne tour at Madison Square Garden.

Blk Ink ft. Salute - Bravado

The newest artist from the 92 Fam, Blk Ink, just dropped off the first single from his up coming EP L.I.B.R.A which is due out new years day.

Esohel - Struggle and Pain (video)

“This song is an insight to my thoughts and questions as a rapper trying to make it in what seems to be an over saturated genre that places fluff before substance commercially.  The struggle has always been to separate myself from the rest and have that be the first impression to the public. The pain portion comes after, when my voice seems to not get heard at times creating a cycle of self doubt, which usually overcomes by the need to prove that I must be out of my mind to let doubt be my downfall.” -Esohel

Mav Of Sol Camp - In My Zone (mixtape)

Check out the new mixtape from Arizona rapper Mav of Sol camp  "In My Zone" feat Chingo Bling, Juice, Zig Zag, Bstaks and more.  

In My Zone: download

Mic-Kurb & Zero Gravity - The Christmas EP

Here's a little something to keep the Christmas vibe going...

Bramzwig - Glitter Ain't Gold

This is the latest leak off the Bramzwig's up coming mixtape The Roaring Twenty. The whole project is dropping 1-2-12.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Milkmen - The Gift Tape: Freestyles Vol. 1

Just A little something we put together for the holiday season for everyone who supports us & showed us major love on our latest mixtape "Preview 3"
Happy Holidays from MiLKMEN! 

Diego Mill - Mason (mixtape)

Diego Mill just dropped his new mixtape titled Mason. A prelude to his mixtape coming called Fight the Network

Kid Sister & Riff Raff - Kris Kringle (video)

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

XV - The Kick (video)

XV just dropped a new video for The Kick.

Speedy Calhoun - Exes & Oz's EP (Prod. by Nick Arcade)

From Speedy:
The "Exe's & Oz's EP" (X's & O's) is the Christmas release from Speedy Calhoun to mark the 1-year anniversary of "Impulsive Behavior", his first project. This tape is Inspired by true events...

World's Fair - Company Fair (video)

Queens collective "World's Fair", consisting of COTN, Cody B. Ware, Jeff Donna & Prince SAMO in their debut video; "Company Fair"

The Weekend - XO/The Host (Ill-Esha & Naptsy remix)

Frisco spinner Ill-Esha is joined by Naptsey to remix The Weekends latest offering. I'd have to say I think I actually like this more than the original. GET HYPED!

*Update: For more of a relaxed vibe shoot the J and you'll get the "What you need"

Faboo & Valentina - Loft Dance (video)

This beat 8 bit beat gooooes while Faboo and Valentina procede to Kill it. S/O: Prodancetv. 

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - Cirque Du Soliel (video Dir. by Rik Cordero)

I've been waiting for Cordero to come back to Hip Hop. Action, Slektah and Rik are BEASTS. Had this video been released a few days earlier it would have made top 25 no doubt. This team can't loose. Off the album "Well Done"

Western Tink & Beutiful Lou - Today (video)

Western Tink got at me today and put me onto the movement. This chill glitchy joint is produced by Beautiful Lou who along with WT will be dropping an album some time early next year. Stay tuned because these two are working. You can catch them on twitter: @WESTERNtink

Daz Dillinger ft. Freddie Gibbs – I Love Rap Money (video)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Vinnie Dewayne - Pour It Out

After taking a brief hiatus following his first mixtape (Solitary) to concentrate on school, Vinnie Dewayne is back to spread his message through music with his forthcoming Castaway project.  The first leak from the EP is "Pour It Out", in which Vinnie takes us on a journey of a 17 year old who couldn't help his own tribulations, but sticks through the hardships and makes it out of the struggle to find success in the end.  A lot of inner-city youth can relate to this one, so Vinnie ended "Pour It Out" on a positive note to give the listeners that "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling. S/O to BP over at RTF for sending this over.

Donuts & Milk Top 25 videos of 2011

It's nearing the end of December and 2011 has almost come and gone. At this point you are all probably getting that last minute Christmas shopping in or trying to plot a strategic holiday break up with your significant other so you won't have to cash out on a new ipad or jewelry. Just saying...  What ever the case may be, I'm sure you all want to get that last morsel of rest in before you party the night away on new years eve. I've been kind of a recluse lately. Instead of raging I'm planning on hibernating through New Years eve in the mountains of Northern Arizona for three days hoping the world doesn't end. (laughs)... For all you night owls that will be waiting in line to go wait in line some more at your local alcohol dispensary, I'm sure you'll be hearing a few club bangers that remind you of all the great times you had through out the year. It's funny how music can take you to that reminiscent mode at the sudden drop of a familiar beat. It has been a great year in music, thats for sure. Some dynamic duo's along with quite a few break out artists. If you were to ask the D&M team what we thought were the best moments in 2011 they might fall in line with the list that you're about to check out. It might not be a list of club bangers and pop hits, but it would definitely be a list of dope joints that you can play in your local house party, dorm, subway, bus, or 2005 honda civic hatch back! KG, Drego, and myself got together to come up with a collection of what we would consider the top 25 videos of 2011. We're not god's gift to visual art or even critiquing music for that matter, but we do know what the definition of DOPE is. (more laughs)... This is a list we like to call the new hottness of the 2011 video world. In other words D&M's top 25 videos of 2011. Check it out and let us know what you think. If you agree cool... If you disagree then comment away.

25. Luke Christopher – The Social Network 

Luke Christopher's track social network came at a time when the movie social network was really buzzing. He uses the sample of the soundtrack to create a dope track and truly viral video.. hence the theme. Luke was somewhat of an unknown to me when I first saw this video and the next thing I know he's on a track with Asher Roth. S/O to Luke Christopher for kicking off the list.

who picked it? Swedberg

24. Nemo Achida – Nemotional

Nemo Achida's video Nemotional is his portrayal of every artists imprisonment of the consumer's demand. He says he is blindfolded through most of the visual to represent all the hard work he gives to his craft with no true guarantee of a flourishing future. Nemo is bringing #24 in with style.

who picked it? Swedberg

23. Madeon – Pop Culture

A.D.D. is a plus for this one. Madeon decided to do a live mash up of 39 different tracks to implement in his set. It turned out to be a pretty cool video and make #23 on our list.

who picked it? KG 

22.  Reks – 25th Hour 

Reks brings us in at #22 with classic Dj Premier beat. The edgy East coast visuals match the lyrical content perfectly. The blend of dope lyrics with focused film work almost make you feel like you are actually in the scene. What else would you expect from a video that was produced by the one and only Statik Selektah!

who picked it? A'Drego

21. Cee Lo Green – Cry Baby

How can you go wrong with a legendary singer / rapper / producer that has Urkel play him in a throwback theme video?

who picked it? KG

Eric Sosa - Antibiotic

Sosa's camp just sent over E's latest. It's that fever pitch love drug music. Listen, but try not to overdose on the metaphors.

Fashawn - Generation F (video)

Champagne and Styrofoam Cups drops in May.

Cali Cam - Noir

Young Cali Cam, fresh off opening for Nipsey Hustle, blesses us with the first leak off the forthcoming The Champagne Chronicles.

"Fuck runnin Cali man I want the whole planet / If yall try'n to come up you gotta plan it / I'm feeling like a Savage, your highest is my average / If I ain't on my job im in a bad bitch sandwich." - Cali Cam

Ewok - Hand Styles (video)

Wicked hand styles by RK9 ssc, BEZERC imok, and SERN .

J'Nan ft. GLC - You Don't Know (prod. by Kanye West)

Not only did J'Nan get a Yeezy beat but he also got one of the illest Chicago players, GLC Harris to spit a few bars as well. J'Nan snaps on this one. 

Legend Da Beatslaya - Su'in Funqstrumental Fo Ya Ear-nostrils Promo (video / mixtape)

Welcome to Ledy Clauses workshop. This isn't just where Ledgy's elf claps and jingle drums get put to work, it's also where he practices his Santa Clause hat dance. The Elves have been workin overtime so they could bring you this special Christmas release. The instrumental version of Su'in Funqy for ya Ear-Nostrils. This is Su'in Funqstrumental fo ya Ear-Nostrils. Press play... You'll be gettin lose within the first 8 of em. KnowaImTalk'nBout?

Ro Blvd ft. Thurz - Great Going Good (video)

Thurz aint Trap but this beat sure is. Follow @RoBlvd and @THURZDAY. S/O NR

Dee Vazquez Profiles Common (video)

Ms. Vazquez takes her profile series to the Windy City MC Common. Her spitfire questioning and no holds bar style seems to get into the poetic mind like no other.

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (live on Letterman)

Donald made a stop on Letterman last night.

Mic Check With A-Drego : I-EL's (Ilyas of Tanya Morgan) WAKE UP Call!

Preface:  WAKE UP! and write from the heart. That’s all I can tell myself to get words down right now.
              When I have an interview that is as funny as it is awakening there isn’t much else I feel that I can
              add unless I write from the heart.You’ll see what I'm sayin. If you want to do the mic check
              properly, all I ask is that you read the entire thing and really listen to everything, let it sink in and
              then continue reading. If you enjoy it please share it with someone that you think will draw from it
              as well.

Now approaching 2012 the planet is in a turbulent cycle. The NDAA bill that recently passed is threating our liberties as citizens of the US. The SOPA bill that is close to passing is threatening sites like youtube Facebook, blogs across the web and any other site that streams or offers copy-written material.  Not to mention North Korean dictator Kim Jongs Il's recent passing has now lifted the laws postponing the enrichment uranium in North Korea, this poses a nuclear threat. Then there is the weather, there have been more record-breaking storms, twisters, hurricanes and vicious tsunami’s in the past 10 years then in recorded history,  Scary right? For most of us this is all too overwhelming.

It doesn't have to be though. The thing is that I embrace the change because I like to think of it as the storm before the calm.  This world in calamity will be the catylist to global change. An AWAKENING, a revolution of thought is waiting on the other side of this year. Those that are blessing the world with these progressive  message of change are many, but my most preferred messengers are musicians, more specifically, Hip Hop emcee's . For the rest of the mic check and  interview shoot the J.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Out Da Box TV - Tanya Morgan Interview (video)

This is fitting. Out Da Box TV builds with Donwill and Vonpea of Tanya Morgan to catch up on some current events. Including the departure Ilyass (i-EL), today's Mic Check emcee.

Main Attraktionz ft. Danny Brown - Suffocation

Main Attraktionz teamed up with Danny Brown for this bonus joint off his latest project.

RaziBear! & Sey - Good Life

S/O to the homie Pedro over at CTF for sending this over earlier today. This is a new joint of RaziBear! & Sey's upcoming project Scenes Of Our Dreams.

STS - Let's Capture this Moment (video)

STS continues flippin' off your favorite records with "Let Capture This Moment", a revamp of Big Sean's "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay".

Danny! ft. iLLmont - Payback (video)

Well that was fast... Danny!'s camp just sent over the visuals to his track Payback just a day after it leaked. Dope!

Protohype - Lik Dis / Money all around me

The Pheonix squad Protohype is killin that Trap Step DnB shit with this one. With dope Goodie Mob sampling and deep Vader like bass this track cant loose. Peep the original below.  If you like this shoot the J and peep their "Money All Around me" Remix S/O TSIS.

Common - The Believer (alt version)

FSD blesses us with an alternate version of Common's track "The Believer." If you haven't coped The Dreamer the Believer yet, now is a great time.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Weeknd - Echoes Of Silence (mixtape)

The Weeknd gives everyone a nice little X-Mas present today.

Mixtape: download

XV ft. Betty Trouble - Learn To Fly

Just caught some new music off XV's facebook. Check it out...

Danny! ft. iLLmont - Payback

 I think the stars are starting to line up! Danny!'s team just sent over the title track from the Payback album. I heard rumors of a video coming out for this joint real soon too. It's going to be a good Christmas after all.


PackFM - I F*cking Like Everything (video)

PackFM loves graffiti but he hates writers he also loves hip hop but he hates rappers. The does not mean he's a hater he just has preferances. As Danny Brown recently tweeted; " hating only pertains to bitches ... yall got the meaning fucked up. If a nigga say some hoe shit to a bitch about u just to try to hit ... thats a hater ...if i say i dont like cool ranch doritos ... am i hating on chips?" #STYLE  @XDannyXBrownX

Eric G - Stars & Lights (beat tape)

Along side Grammy award-winning 9th wonder Eric G is 1/7th of the production team Soul Council. 9th owned Jamala records blesses us with Stars and Lights beat tape, a melodic chill journey through minimal spaces and synth effect laces. If I were to ever float past a nebula, in a space pod this is the tape I would choose to bump.

Asher Roth - Common Knowledge (video)

Go get that Pabst & Jazz Mixtape.

Planet Asia & Madlib - Cracks in the Vinyl (EP)

Planet Asia and Madlib always seem to get busy and make incredible music. Since I first heard The "Definition of Ill" I knew this team was gonna last. They recently got together to record while King Medallions and Quas where both in Germany. Since Stones Throw just turned 15 yrs old they are blessing us with the outcome of the sessions for free! For the tracklist and download shoot the J.

TiRon & Ayomari - All My Love (video)

Us kings all look for that one tasteful, beautiful, magnetic queen. If you haven't found her yet, it's cool she's out there.Try not getting distracted by all them  flocka flocka's. If this is a queen reading you'll find that one king just go out and let it happen. When you do find THE ONE make sure to play em TiRon and Ayomari's debut;  A Sucker For Pumps.

Illogic and Blockhead - Anomoly

Illogic just dropped off a new joint in preparation for a new project he is working with Blockhead on.  Capture The Sun coming soon...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fresco & Black Lung - Step Your Game Up (video)

Fresco and Black Lung just dropped another promo video for their up coming album White Boy Wasted. Looks like they have big plans for 2012!

Chill Moody - Suicide Barz II

Philly repper Chill Moody is joined by producer JoeLogic on this banger. Off the Gam3plan

Apathy - A Wonderful X-Mas Time

"All I want for Christmas is for Tribe to re-unite." - Apathy

Promise ft. Jhene Aiko - Against The Odds (video)

Ms. Aiko has been making some amazing tracks with incredible MC's lately. Here she lends her voice to Toronto new comer Promise. Off the Awakening album. Follow Promise @ipromisemusic.

Mirandom - The Memorandum (album)

S/O to our PHX fam Mr. Miranda and Random, collectively known as Mirandom. They just released their debut album The Memorandum. This project is a throwback to the fun, storytelling mid-90's style of hip hop that influenced both Ran and Miranda, and is evidenced on tracks like "Planet Silk," "Wednesday" and the banger "Big Beat Jawn." The album features production by DN3, K-Murdock of Panacea, EOM, and many more, and vocal features from Fashawn, Mistah F.A.B, Tanya Morgan and others. Random and Miranda will be touring in early 2012 to support the album, details at 

Elzhi - Memory Lane (video)

The Track "Memory Lane" takes us back through some vintage Detroit footage into Maurice Malone's Hip Hop Shop where Elzhi cut his teeth as a young emcee.

Greives & Budo - KEXP Performance (videos)

For the rest of the performance shoot the J.

Timbo King - The Autobiography of Timothy Drayton (video)

Gotta love a Brooklyn story. Off the From Babylon To Timbuk2 album. Produced by Lil Fame of M.O.P.

Beau Young Prince - No Way (video)

New visuals from Beau Young

Asher Roth - Pabst & Jazz: Blended Babies & Friends (mixtape)

After a few leaks hit the web Asher has decided to drop his latest mixtape Pabst & Jazz. He didn't hold back on the guest spots. Blu, Kids These Days, Chip Tha Ripp, and Rockie Fresh are just a few. Do yourself and get this.

mixtape: download

Talib Kweli - Distractions (video)

A message from Talib:

Message from Talib Kweli about the song: "A little less a year ago, I got a beat from one of my favorite producers, Oh No, that I felt would be a perfect sound bed for the album I was working on, Prisoner Of Conscious. As I played the beat over and over trying to write lyrics, I kept finding myself distracted. By the TV, by twitter, by trivial things. I realized then that the beat was asking me to write about Distractions. Beats talk to me. They tell me what to rap about, they suggest a guest for the song. One of the things I was distracted by was the news coming from Tahrir Square last year. The Arab Spring was unlike anything I've seen in my lifetime. Beginning with a vegetable cart owner named Mohammed Bouazizi setting himself on fire in Tunisia to protest general unfair treatment, the Arab Spring spread like wildfire to Sudan and then to Egypt, as thousands of protestors occupied Tahrir Square to call for corrupt president Hosni Mubarak to step down. The first line that I wrote for my song Distractions was, "they say it ain't about the spoils of war, but turn around and tell you how much more the oil will cost." This was inspired by the Arab Spring. Fast forward to September, 2011. To continue reading shoot the J

Monday, December 19, 2011

J.Good - Searching for Alicia Silverstone

J.Good and producer Rufio teamed up with MMVIII to bring you their latest project Searching For Alicia Silverstone.  With features from Chuuwee, Keno, and more this project is dope as hell. You can stream the album after the jump.

Searching for Alicia Silverstone: download

Mouse Powell - Where Its Cloudy (album)

Tempe Arizona's own Mouse Powell just dropped off his latest project Where Its Cloudy. It's nice to see talent rise from the home town. This entire project is smooth from beginning to end. I recommend it for sure. Hit the jump to check out the visuals to his track The Walk Out. Arizona stand up!

Charlie Smarts (Kooley High) ft. Big Pooh - Cortisone (video)

I'm seeing Joe Scudda, King Mez, I'm seeing Tab-One, Foolery, plus Commissioner Gordon, Post and Bo. Off Low Bottom Me

Jichael Mordan - RAI.AIR (video)

I grew up watching Michael Jordan and 90's Bulls basketball in the Chicago area, so of course this video drew my attention. The Jichael Mordan RAI.IAR video from visual artist Leif Podhajsky really puts a different twist on the classic MJ highlights we all grew up on. I guess the best description I can think of is it's like watching a psycho analytical video of Come Fly With Me along with a dark soundtrack that sets you in a basketball trance with an artistic twist. Yeah... something like that. lol... I like it.

Charmingly Ghetto WTBU Interview

CG recently stopped by the WTBU station and built with DJ Rapscallion for The Funky Four Elements show.
Peep the interview HERE.

Murs - 67 Cutlass (video)

Murs's latest visual takes us on a Nogales drug run  in a 67 Cutlass. Off the Ski Beatz produced  Love and Rockets Vol 1 album. 

Savant ft. Charity Clay & Dj J20 - Soul Music

Savant is back with the Crash Course series!