Monday, January 23, 2012

Rockie Fresh - Driving 88 (mixtape)

A lot of artists use the term "highly anticipated" very loosely. A hypothetical example would be reading about "lil T-Bone" from Idaho who "finally" dropped his "highly anticipated" mixtape titled "money over bitches". Of course the album cover is an airbrushed photo of him holding stacks of $1 bills all "G'd" out in front of some potato farm. You know... some gangster Idaho type shit. The question I have is how "highly anticipated" can it be when "lil T-Bone" has 54 facebook fans and 82 followers on twitter with most of them seemingly family members? I mean don't get me wrong. I appreciate the hustle and grind from "lil T-Bone" 100%, but are people really waiting to hear his shit? The point being that "highly anticipated" is a term that means that the majority of the entire population are in anticipation. With that being said, I feel confident letting you know that Rockie Fresh's highly anticipated project Driving 88 has just hit the scene. I've personally been waiting for this to drop since I first heard about the project.  Rockie has mos def been paying his dues and it's really working in his favor these days.