Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Audible Doctor X Maticulous - Broken Cup (video)

BBAS affiliate The Audible Doc and Maticulous form to create Audimatic. This second leak off the Maticulous EP is a toast to broken dreams. Why would you toast to broken dreams?! Well while broken dreams can make us feel defeated, they can also act as a catalyst for change. Like a fallen red cup in beer pong for instance. It's easy to think: "Damn, I know that dude missed the shot but he hit the cup and it slid off the table. Now I'm one cup closer to defeat." Don't just get all sad Panda and stay losing. Next time you lay that beer-a-mid down first wipe the beer off the table so the cups don't slide... What I'm sayin is a broken cup can really suck, but depending on your perspective it can also make you think like a champion... Toast to that.