Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BIG K.R.I.T - King pt. 2 (freestyle)

These days when it comes to Memphis the first thing that comes to mind is country shit, and when it comes to country shit these days K.R.I.T holds the crown. When your the countries king it's easy to stray the southern mob away from whats righteous towards the malevolent. K.R.I.T recognizes this and shows us he is a benevolent king and will help lead the flock away from subterfuge towards the light... "Lord Knows" we can always use more light :

Some of ya’ll may be familiar with my freestyle KING that I released in 2010, that touched on social issues and topics I felt important to speak on. I’d like to feel KING pt. 2 picks up where that left off. -K.R.I.T