Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Cranberry Show - Paranormal Karaoke (album)

A little over a month ago Young Focus and I were chopping it up over the phone about the Paranormal Karaoke project. He was saying that they were really going for something different this time. Instead of going into descriptions, he sent over a couple of tracks and said just hit me back after you listen to them. I checked my email and saw Traffic Lights and Sail. Very curious, I downloaded them both and quickly hit play. Traffic Lights started to vibe through my headphones. As I was listening, I remember thinking these guys have come a long way from the $10 video that I had originally discovered them from. After Traffic Lights ended the Sail joint started to play. The next thing I remember thinking were two words... "game over". I hit Focus back and the first words out of my mouth were "wow... The Cranberry Show is all grown up now!" These tracks were so different than anything else they had done in the past. At that point it was apparent to me that Young Focus and Arcane were turning the corner and moving to a higher level with their creative ability. They really put a lot of thought into how they could create something different without sacrificing the integrity of their hip hop core. This project shows so much growth from the duo from the electronic synth sounds to the dark dramatic theme. Paranormal Karaoke is a theatrical experience that will grab your attention right from the beginning. The album starts with haunting vocals that place you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what the hell is about to happen! The next thing you know it carries over to Traffic Lights and Cinema with the drama continuing. My personal favorite is the the bass heavy Love Crushers which takes you on a high energy journey through a day in TCS's shoes. The whole project is laced with clever wordplay, hard beats, a cinematic vibe, and personality that only The Cranberry Show can deliver. All of the time, energy, and hard work that they put into this project really shines through in the end result. I have a feeling Paranormal Karaoke will be very well received by the masses. You can download the album below via and hit the jump to stream the entire project.