Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cranberry Show - Word On The Street (interview)

These days The Cranberry Show camp is riding pretty high. They definitely have the streets talking. The success of their latest album Paranormal Karaoke has caught national attention. In the last month they have been working the promotional circuit hard from Milwaukee to NYC and back. While in NYC they had the chance to hit the studio with a couple legends just before rocking the stage at SOB's. This dynamic duo has accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time. Word on the street is that they have a few more tricks up their sleeve. The recent release of their video, The Best Week Ever, pretty much sums it up. A couple weeks before they dropped their album Paranormal Karaoke D&M's A'Drego got the chance to link up with them. Hit the jump to see how it all went down.

What up Cranberry Show? I usually don’t ask this question but I gotta. Where the fuck did yall get that name?

"TCS": lol..well, cranberries as a fruit clean out your bodies system. So we thought 2 clean out the system of hip-hop with fresh innovative music. & the "SHOW" is just because we're wild & crazy.

How long have ya’ll known each other?

"Young Focus": We've known each other since middleschool. Arcane was a fucking lame-O & I was cool as shit. Sexin all the bitches & rubbing their nipples in between my thumb & pointer finger. In a circular motion of course

"Arcane": And then he turned the light on and realized it was male. Focus has frequent amnesia

Any story behind you meeting?

"Young Focus": Well, we were always pretty cool & I used to get Arcane kicked out of class before class even started. I was kinda his bully, but everyone used to gather around in the cafeteria & rap @ the lunch tables. & Arcane used to rap a lot but he sucked really bad. He told me one day we would form a group & I told him he was crazy. & now look...smh

"Arcane": Yeah, we've always been cool. Focus was a grade higher and for the most part I always hung out with the older kids.. you know why? .. cuz im awesome.. thats why

Outside of Milwaukee where is it that you get the most love?

"TCS": We actually have a huge over seas buzz. We put up a lot of fan videos from France, The Netherlands & London. So we'd have to go with London. O, & in random bitches beds.

“One More Time” Off the Regular Ass Niggas Mixtape is feel good music. How do yall feel about the Hip Hop and Dance music coming together more and more these days.

"Young Focus": I actually think its pretty ill. I'm down for the evolution of hip-hop in mostly all forms. I think its good for the culture because it opens more doors.

"Arcane": The key to music is progression. Some people say Jay Z dumbed down his music. No, its progression. May it be good or bad is up to the listener. He wouldn't have made 36 million dollars doing reasonable doubt raps.

You guys opened for J.Cole at Karma. Where you able to build with him at all? Any possible colabos in the future?

"TCS": Nah, they were rushing him out to the next city.

What’s the most important thing you learned in school?

"Young Focus": Just because a teacher says you're her favorite student doesn't mean she wants to see your penis.

"Arcane": That most girls are sluts. They just haven't figured it out yet.

So I’m in Milwuakee lookin for a bite to eat, a place to get a drink, and then I want to party. Recommendations?

"Young Focus": eat @ Brick3 Pizza, drink @ Smoothie King & party @ Chuck E Cheeses

"Arcane": FUCK YEAH to Brick3 Pizza. Drink @ 7/11 (I highly suggest the pink lemonade and blue raspberry mixture) & its always a party in focus' moms pants... (set, match and score)

What would you consider yall’s niche?

"Young Focus": Creativity

"Arcane": Besides that, college campuses. Mainly because of our personalities and the way we party when we go out. We're on a 'Hall of Fame' wall in a club on campus for our dance moves.. holla at a real nigga.

When will you feel like you’re truly on?!

"Young Focus": When Slaughterhouse disses us

"Arcane": hahaha, snapped

Bongs or Blunts? Why?

"Young Focus": neither, cocaine

"Arcane": Hugs... Fuck drugs

Ya’ll recently played a show with the young rising star Chris Webby. How’d that go? Any memorable moments

"TCS": It was SUPER ill. We're known for our wild performances so we totally rocked. The most memorable moment wuld b the head venue guy punching some kid in the face

What’s the best liquor for some cranberry juice?

"TCS": We have our own drink called 'The Cranberry Show'. Its Red Bull, Cranberry Juice & Hennessy. So go to your local bar and order a Cranberry Show * Shameless plug * 

Who are the two greatest Ninja Turtles? If yall had to choose one who would be who?

"Young Focus": Leonardo & Michelangelo. If I had to pick one id say Leanardo because nothing beats a sword. But then again nunchucks are pretty awesome. Just sayin the word nunchucks is awesome. So I don't know, I can't choose.

"Arcane": I kinda feel like my nigga Casey jones never got the respect he deserved. I understand that's not the question. And he was a minority in that situation but damn, show the man some respect. He wore a hockey mask yall...A HOCKEY MASK!!!!

You ever wake up and forget all the bull shit? What’s your secrete to getting amnesia?

"Young Focus": Nope, I wish...although I don't really think about it when I'm getting vagina. So I guess those two minutes are my amnesia secret.


In the video for the “Last Score” There is a definite nod to N.W.A is that what you came up listening too?

"Young Focus": That was actually on accident. I just happen to look like Doughboy from Boyz in the Hood. Thanks for opening a wound

Who are some other ol’ school cats you came up bumping?

"Young Focus": I'm more into Motown, Old blues singers & Singers from the 50's & 60's because I grew up around my grandmother. So I didn't listen to that much rap. But I bump a lot of Tribe & Tone Loc now

"Arcane": I listened to a lot of old school hip hop. Rakim, Tone Loc is my idol, and big daddy kane is just dope. I listen to N.W.A before I attend my weekly fight club matches

What do you got beatin in your ride right now?

"Young Focus": Well I crashed my car with Arcane it, so nothing. (& thanks for opening another wound) but if I still had my sweet oldsmobile id be bumping Reasonable Doubt.

"Arcane": Childish Gambino , the new Wale and B.O.B mixtape 'Epic' is on repeat

If you (both) could only wear one pair of kicks, and one pair of shades the rest of your life what would they be?

"Young Focus": O, that's easy. Fire Red & black Nike Air Force 180. & the Super W shades by RETROSUPERFUTURE.

"Arcane": vans , and my Tone Loc shades

Ya’ll both stay laced and draped den a mug. Who are some of the most influential cats in the denim game?

"Young Focus": LMAO @ "den a mug"...Well, Arcane wears girls pants so he can't answer this. But as far as jeans I really like BBC's denim

"Arcane": Skinny jeans are not girl jeans..hahaha..but when it comes to jeans I wear a lot of bbc and skinny jeans. From the Good Will and anywhere else I can find cheap jeans lol

What about the shirt game?

"Young Focus": We rock a lot of Euroclub shit. Its pretty legit

"Arcane": Euro club is the first option. Second option is Diamond supply co and then last but not least BBC

What is one item you never leave the crib without?

"Young Focus": a wallet sized picture of Wendy Williams

"Arcane": deez nuts

Milwaukee Hip Hop Scene isn’t on everyone’s radar is there anyone we should be looking out for in the future.

"Young Focus": This kid Gerald Walker is ill & a whole camp called UMG (Umbrella Music Group)

"Arcane": Cats that I personally really rock with are my homie Klassik who is a very good artist. And a young group from here that's part of team euroclub. Called 'Those Euro Kids'

Any other shouts out?

"Young Focus": Wendy Williams, The nigga that invented the toaster because without him id have to microwave my Pop-tarts & that shit sucks ass because they get soggy in the middle, Our big homie Nov of The Smash Boiz, the homie Plaga & all the teachers that said rap music is crap, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH

"Arcane": Shout out to the $kate life and DOPElife movements going strong. The Katch Wreck Krew, my STM nigga's and Chad at Donuts & Milk

Paranormal Karaoke: download

interview by A'Drego