Sunday, February 19, 2012

DJ Spinna - Takes Us Through His Lab / Musical Retrospective (video)

DJ Spinna has been responsible for some of the greatest production, remixes and mixtapes to come out of NYC since the mighty golden era. Spinna shows us his personal beat lab (Thingamajig Lab) and lets us in on his musical techniques, equipment and influences. Spinna gets busy on the Dilla approved MPC 3000 and he takes the majority of samples and breaks from his extensive record wall that could substitute as a beat museum. After seeing where Spinna weaves his magic shoot the j and peep some of his best work through the years.

Remixing De La Soul's "Stakes is High" was Spinna's breakthrough joint. De La personally approached him  and asked him to make an exclusive remix for one of their most high profile Dilla produced joints.


Back in 1998 when Em had just won that first blaze battle in-front of Dr. Dre he was still an unknown, He hadn't become a force of nature yet. Spinna still recognized the young MC's potential producing two joints featuring slim.

Skam & Shadowman ft. Eminem  - Old World Disorder

Thirstin Howl III ft. Eminem - Watch Deez

In the early 2000's Mowtown commisioned spinna for a slew of remix and original joints. He went on to rework classics by Donald Byrd, Eddie Kendricks, Betty Carter, Roy Ayers, Al Jarreau, and Stevie Wonder.

Michael Jackson - We're Almost There (DJ Spinna remix)

DJ Spinna enlisted Bobbito Garcia to throw epic Stevie Wonder tribute parties. They created such a huge buzz that Stevie himself showed up to join in on the fun.

Most recently I was surprised to see that Spinna actually produced a track for Homeboy Sandman P.SO and Fresh Daily. It must be pretty incredible to get blessed with a track from a living legend and  true musician.