Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Luck-One & Dekk - Beautiful Music Part 2

Every now and then you have a quality album cross your path that you have to stop and take the time to really listen to. Really though... how many top notch albums do you think you let slide out of sight because you didn't want to take the time out of your busy schedule to listen? Especially in todays world of short cuts and drive thru's. Everyone wants the cliff note version to save time. I'm going to do you all a favor and let you know that this new Luck-One & Dekk project is one of those top notch projects. Everyone should stop and smell the roses on this one. The duo managed to intertwine perfect production with introspective vocals that capture your interest from the Introduction. Although all of the tracks are dope and perfectly placed, my favorite joints have to be Sword Or The Pen and Looking Back. They are both self reflecting tracks that are weighted heavy with character. Luck-One & Dekk have definitely taken the time to do things the right way on this project. If you are into quality over quantity you will definitely be into Beautiful Music Part 2

"Me and Dekk are like mortar and brick with a little more swag and metaphorical flip" - Luck-One