Wednesday, February 22, 2012

M.I - The Coldplay Sessions (album)

Last week we featured "Nothing" and judging from the feedback the readers loved it. This week M.i redefines rollin solo with his latest project The Coldplay Sessions. Other than a little digital distribution help from AO and DJ Booth, gmad and a few small features, he took care of this project like it was a baby raised by a pack of wolves. Written, directed produced and anything else that could have gone into this 15 track album was all well done by M.i.

With TCS M.i does an incredible job of revisiting a few old concepts... closure to an old relationship, frustration in an overpopulated game and maxin with Mary Jane. What Sets M.i apart is his melodic delivery clever wordplay and unique sampling. TCS is comfort food for your ears, it's something we can all chill and relate to without over-thinking anything. Strictly just good music. For the tracklist and download shoot that J.