Friday, February 10, 2012

Young Butta - Going Shopping (video)

Aight, so the only one more confused about this video then me, is this ni**a Young Butta. Just look at his face! He looks like a fourth grade crack baby in a linear algebra class. I mean this fool can't even make his mind up about what he wants to do. His boo wakes him up so he can get to clockin but all he can do is dream about thinking about goin shopping. In his dreamstate his boo gives him fashion advice about what to rock to the major gala but Young Butta ain't impressed in the least. He's like "Bitch you know what I want! More rhinstones! I want my entire body to look like Michel Jackson's left hand!"  I mean I'm pretty sure he wrote this track after forgetting to take his schizophrenia meds. He's hearing all types of voices: Armani is calling, Prada is talkin and he just can't decide what to do! Young Butta is fucking confused and its no wonder, according to him he's still in the closet. When YB finally gets his day started he's still just another lazy fool in a wife beater. SMH