Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fresco & Black Lung - Whiteboy Wasted EP (review)

Fresco and Black Lung... These two cats have been on my radar for about two years now. Out of all those years I can tell you confidently that if it doesn't involve wall shaking parties, Chrissy Teigen types, or dope music they are not a part of it. Both MC's have steady been on their grind for a while now. Fresco is fresh off the global battle scene while Black Lung has been on the indie hip hop scene making crazy noise. We invited Fresco out to Tempe AZ a while back for a show and I don't think we slept for a two days. The road to recovery was not easy that week. (laughs) These guys are the definition of "can't stop won't stop". The best way to describe them is "high energy with an edge" if that makes sense. This brings me to their first collaboration project the White Boy Wasted EP. The seven track EP is laced with super dope production from the one and only Soleternity. Right from the jump you can tell that this is a fresh new sound for both of the Mid West MC's. The bass heavy entry of Step Your Game Up sets the mood for the project. You will find yourself getting hyped while Fresco's witty lines begin to flow followed by Black Lungs choppin vocals. They both do a great job at painting a surreal picture of the world from their eyes. Some of the story telling is "good times fun" while other parts of it are darker in a  "I just did a line, fucked your girl, and stole your chain" type of way. Let's put it this way, if Hunter S. Thompson had two little brain children that grew up to be rappers, Fresco and Black Lung would be those kids. One of my favorite tracks on the project is Ballerblock. Soleternity works his magic on this club banger while Fresco goes in on his signature witty "I'll make your girls panties drop" lyrics. Example: "When you come through the hoes run off, when I come through their clothes come off". (more laughs) The project is filled with a lot of new ages sythed sounds that you really haven't heard from these cats before. If you have followed them in the past don't expect this to be like anything they've done before. They take the EP out in high energy party fashion with the track Mobbin. This track will hit you by surprise and the next thing you know you are in a dub step anomaly vibin out like no other. Overall, this project is a must listen and shows artistic growth from both artists. The Borgata Mob camp did a great job putting this project together. The White Boy Wasted EP will premiere March 15th via itunes. Hit the jump for the visuals to Step Your Game Up.

Step Your Game Up
Get Throwed
Just Like Heaven ft. Velesca
Dope Money