Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ab-Soul - Pinel Gland (video)

This past weekend I was blessed to witness the beginning of my new born sons incredible journey onto this Planet. Once birthed and after what looked like a few cold moments on the incubation table my son was thrust into my arms by Dr. Malone. She said : "Here you go now he's all yours." I must have looked like a deer in head lights. "Oh shit! This is too intense" I thought to myself. His eyes, wide open and glazed looked me directly in the mug, but my mug wasn't what he was seeing at all. 

While his Pineal Gland extruded large amounts of D.M.T. into his tiny system my new born witnessed the most incredible Geo-metric light show known to the human experience. All I could say was... "Welcome to space-time son"