Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoodie Allen - All American EP

A lot of you may have first heard of Hoodie back in 2010 when he exploded on the scene with You Are Not A Robot. Well, now it's 2012 and Hoodie has been steadily perfecting his craft. Today he's presenting the world with his latest creation, the All American EP. He has decided let go of all of the sampling. Instead, Hoodie has chosen to go with all original production and song writing to create a more personalized project for the fans. With that said, this All American project has shown a great deal of growth from Hoodie. He will take you on those energetic rides with tracks like No Interruption and Small Town while mellowing it out with songs such as High Again. On top of that you will see a more introspective side in No Faith In Brooklyn. At the end of the day Hoodie did a great job of keeping his witty word play and story telling while creating an entirely original sound. I've been a fan of Hoodie since his MtvU days and it's projects like these that keep me listening. Hit the jump to stream the full EP.