Monday, April 2, 2012

Sam Lachow - Avenue Music

Now I'm not a super religious person, but I have been to church a few times. As a kid, I remember my mom dragging my brother and I out the front door before the sun would rise on Sundays so we could go catch the holy ghost. Although Sunday morning church sessions wouldn't always start on the right foot for me, I always remember having this certain feeling once we would leave. Even though I was bored out of my mind and didn't listen most of the time, I would always leave on a positive note. Kind of like a "motivation" / "unity" / "ready to take over the world" type of good feeling. I just listened to Avenue Music from top to bottom and had that same feeling once it was over. I know that may sound weird and I might be going to hell for relating JC and the holy ghost to an NYC / Seattle transplant that raps about weed smores, goldschlager, and dirty money, but the music is that dope! The fact remains the same... Sam Lachow's music is beaming with greatness. I would put this project up with the best of them so far this year. Super dope music that you must hear. Ok... I need to stop writing now before I get struck by lightning. Hit the jump for visuals to Got Soul.