Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Proph - Wool Over My Eyes

I remember when my friends and I used to run to the local record store every Tuesday morning to cop the latest albums. It took us a while to finally figure out Tuesday's were the day new music dropped, but we figured it out none the less. We never had the pleasure of  having dope Hip Hop blogs that delivered all the new hotness back then, but we managed. Those were days indeed. I actually remember tearing the wrapper off of brand new CD's like Tupac's "Me Against The World", Nas' "illmatic", and even Snoop's "Doggystyle" the day they came out! Sounds crazy... I know... It was almost like the scene in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory when Charlie finds the last golden ticket. (laughs) Instead of winning a trip to the chocolate factory we got to listen to instant classics that would shape the world of Hip-Hop forever. Kind of the same I guess... but different. (laughs) When I say listen, I mean we would listen to the albums all the way through like five time straight. Did we know they were instant classics at the time? Not really... we just knew that we were listening to something that was unbelievably dope and that's all that mattered. This brings me to the first time I heard Proph's album Wool Over My Eyes. Proph did a great job creating a timeless project that reflects Hip-Hop in the perfect light. This project is flat out good music from top to bottom. Once I hit play it brought me back to the days of running to the record store for new music and listening to it for hours. The first and second tracks played through then the beat to So Cold hit... wow. Now this project had 110% of my attention. Once it got to self reflecting story telling of Underdogs, "instant classic" came to mind. The production on the project is so pristine it's ridiculous. The bass heavy beat on the track Muscle will knock the windows out of your car if you aren't careful. Proph delivers on each and every track with the precision of a brain surgeon. If you are a Hip-Hop nerd, like myself, this album won't disappoint you one bit. S/O to Rubyhornet on the co-sign.