Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jurrarri - Wheelz (video)

Aight so dis Ni**A Jurrari is biting den a mug.... First he tries to come in with the D-Block bird call... and i get hyped for no reason. I soon realize Jada ain't touching this track with Jurrari's dick.  Then his biting face ass try's to sport the POW logo... No, wait that says Sha-Pow. Ambush made POW hot in like '09 and now JU-rrasic adds three letters three years later? STOP... Then there is his style; At first glance he looks like an erry day weed rapper with saggy pants and a backpack. Once you look a little closer you can't help but wonder what the fuck are his socks talkin bout? Is he really biting the McDonald's Hamburgler? Did he try and make that J.U. chain in his 8th grade welding class? If so how the fuck did his teacher pass him? Man I gotta headache and I didn't really even here what the fuck this song is about.