Thursday, July 26, 2012

SuaveHaus ft. Keith Charles, Spacebar, Weedy & Truth - C.R.E.A.M

Ruby Hornet just dropped some newness for your face. J-Coop, Abib Jameel and Charmingly Ghetto are SuaveHause. The horns in this joint go. 

CG on the origins of SuaveHause:

SuaveHaus came about after we realized our similar tastes in music and our influences. We all felt that perspective 8 Ball and MJG had on their records was their own narration of the realities around them and it was always delivered fervently, no matter the subject matter. Collectively, we missed that vibe and felt we should share that same unadulterated and attention grabbing style to this project so that came out of that. The name is from us paying homage to the legacy that was left behind by that independent label in the hip hop industry and also is an ode to the Southern influence of music on hip hop.