Saturday, September 15, 2012


RiFF RaFF has recently been getting all types of attention and for better or worse lots of attention makes you relevant to the game. Wether you love him, hate him or wanna birth his neon babies he at least makes you feel a certain way and that's really all he wants. RiFF recently proved on Shad 45 that his haters serve the sole purpose of fueling his comedy, and he is a hilarious man. I'm not saying he's HA HA clown funny either. I'm saying he is off the cuff genius funny. He is make your belly shake like a billy goat with parkinson funny. All of RiFF's music reflects his back of the bus impromptu humor, he wouldn't want it do do anything else, it simply does what it do.

RiFF isn't an intricate lyricist (in the traditional sense) and he isn't claiming to be one either. Known to freestyle almost everything he's is proud that he can knock out an entire album in 4 hrs. He isn't going to be making the next Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt or Aquemini because that wouldn't go along with his bulk candy styling. If he really tried any harder it would cease to be RiFF RAFF's music. He's isn't going to "water down" Hip Hop either. Hip Hop is a transient art form that evolves just like Rock or any other musical genre (whole other jawn). So if RiFF RAFF doesn't appeal to you that's fine, but be advised to steer clear of hating too hard on Mr. JODYHiGHROLLER because the joke will be on you...and that's when ya lost.

Update: RiFF RaFF breaks down a verse for Rap Genius. Shoot the J.