Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Danny Brown Visits The Juggalos (video)

2012 has endeared me to the Juggalos A.K.A I.C.P fans, A.K.A that dude behind the service desk at Wal-mart with the beer belly and the neck tat. Juggalos have grown on me but the I.C.P's music still isn't appealing at all, it's pretty bad and by pretty bad I mean obnoxious and very annoying. Still I respect the Juggalos right to bump anything they want, and if while bumping they want mom to help them paint their face, then that's cool too. For Juggalos everyday is Halloween and every night is a dark carnival and sorta okay. There are a lot lamer things going on in the world that get way less hate. If there is anything we can learn from the Juggalos it's acceptance and appreciation for people that may look, speak or smell differently then what we are used to.