Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jay-Z, Kanye, Dr. Dre, Pharell and Frank Ocean by Sharpie Artist Justin McAllister

Justin McAllister is a talented artist we've been following for some time now. Working exclusively with 100% Sharpie marker he meticulously creates incredibly realistic masterpieces point by point. Seeing Justin in action is like watching a robot printer that occasionally takes smoke breaks, he is a machine with forearms like Popeye and a mouth like a sailor.

Justin's Art graces the walls of high profile celebrities (Zac Efron, Chuck Liddell) and regular people (my mom) alike. In a world where art prices are over inflated and artists heads are super inflated, Justin remains a down to earth dude with affordable prices. You can catch him on his facebook interacting with anyone who reaches out. Justin is available for commissioned pieces and has prints available for purchase as well. Scroll and peep his info.

Contact Justin McAllister: