Friday, October 5, 2012

M.I.C - Go In (video)

'Drill' has emerged from the streets Chicago, and in a short amount of time it's become the voice of the volatile youth that live amongst dealers, pimps and killers. Most of us were introduced to it's violent existence over the past year by the controversial ambassadors Chief Keef, Lil Reese and K. Louie.  They've adopted  Southern style trap beats and given it their own Midwest flavor. The unfortunate part is that, to the outsider, this taste of Chicago can sometimes be off putting. The community gave Keef a collective 'screw face' when he laughed at the death of a fellow rapper and Chicago youth Lil JoJo. Keef was almost immediately chastised and ignored by the very blogs that helped build his name, and rightly so, 'To whom much is given much is expected.' If he and his camp can't comport themselves in the spotlight it should be directed elsewhere. Enter artists like M.I.C. who represent the same streets Keef does and have a similar bravado but in my opinion way more skill. With the track 'Go In' M.I.C raps for almost 5 minuets straight with no hook, he repeats himself no times, and he's got a whole lot of style. While I won't be supporting Keef anytime soon, we aren't turning our backs on the streets and M.I.C is worth checking out.