Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mood Indigo - Midnight Children

Mood Indigo, is a Boston electronic artist, whose work tends to remind me of good food in Los Angeles.  I'll elaborate.

LA's food scene is famous for combining odd flavors and influences into a small and delectable dish, bursting with flavor, each aspect complimenting the others perfectly.  For example, Kogi BBQ food truck is famous for their Korean bbq short rib, yet the appearance and basis for their food is Mexican.  The partnering of asian spiced meat and spicy orange sauce, with shredded cheese and a small tortilla result in a stunning meal that leaves my stomach craving more.

This is Mood Indigo's approach to music.  The spiced korean short rib, the bulk of the meal, in MI's case is heavy, thumping bass and stuttering hi hats, providing a hip hop oriented beat structure.  The shredded cheese and tortilla would be his soft crooning, gentle xylophone, and foreign percussion. The additional percussion often battles the hip hop layout, yet in a friendly and comfortable way.