Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spaceman - Gonzo (Video)

Lately I've been frustrated with the constant stream of garb hop that somehow has been making its way into my ear-space. The media machine that I fear and despise has been slithering it's way closer and closer towards what used to be my favorite musical outlets, the blogsphere. In the words of every frustrated musician/fan "It used to be about the music man," now its about Spike TV, Mountain Dew and anyone else looking for some advertising. That doesn't even get on my nerves though advertisement is necessary and only a small eye soar. I know everyone needs a piece of the pie and thats okay. My issue is with the race for traffic that these media monsters create. As soon as an artist starts trending everyone hops on the bandwagon and posts every little piece of media they can find on the net. "Oh nice, so and so is releasing a video about releasing a behind the scenes video I gotta get this up now before blogX does!" Please fam, nobody cares. A few people may have been bamboozled into thinking they care but really you don't even care, the only reason you pretend to care is because the title of your post will create more traffic. This race for traffic creates an urgency in artists that isn't natural. I can see it in their faces and I can hear it in their forced bars and I can feel it in their cookie cutter beats. I see what happened to the radio stations now happening to the blogs I love, they are becoming the same big-ass scary blog. I'm feeling pretty helpless about all this, after all we're just candles in the Sun.  Spaceghostpvrrp called it quits yesterday for the same reasons. I've got new respect for that man. Anyways, Spaceman, Aaron Cohen and their peeps still make music from the heart. Here is a tune he produced himself.  If your into it also follow him at his twitter @CyberSpace666 and watch out for his solo debut Over It! to drop at some point.