Friday, August 31, 2012

The Cafeteria Line (TiRon & Ayomari) ft. Ab-Soul – Bernie Mac

TiRon & Ayomari, collectively The Cafeteria Line, recently released their compilation project entitled HNGRY. Get your copy HERE. Proceeds from the project go to help feed the homeless in Los Angeles.

Mikkey Halsted ft. Cocaine 80's - Pain (video)

Mikkey Halsted joins forces with the legendary Chicago producer N.O ID and drops the first visual off of the Castro Mixtape. Cop it at his website here.

Jay-Z - Who You Wit (Accro remix)

Accro put his trap stamp on Jay-Z's "Who You Wit" which aired yesterday on Shade-45 Radio.

Azure - Fascinate (video)

Knocksteady TV has been filming emcees in there natural habitats. They are like the hip hop Nat Geo.

TEKNYC - B-Boy X Graff Writer X Judge (video)

TEK has been living by the code for longer than some ya'll have been breathing. That's a true B-boy.

El-P ft. Despot, Mr. Mf'n Exquire & Killer Mike - KEXP Performance (video)

KEXP joints are always the cleanest. Watch what Killer Mike and them did while they were touring through Seattle. To check out the rest of the show shoot the J!

Dillon Cooper - Richie Rich (video)

Dillon Cooper is a young hungry emcee out of BK NYC. Peep as he takes a few moments out of his 2K game to bless us with a few bars. I'm pretty sure that's homie from the Fresh Heir in the sick J's. S/O to sick J's.

Follow: @thedilloncooper

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scheme ft. Oscar Castillo - Stay (Remake)

Another week, another joint by Scheme. This time he goes over Nas’ Stay with the help of Oscar Castillo on guitar. Scheme and DJ Scend are preparing to drop their upcoming project in Fall 2012.

Scoe - End Of Summer ( Hi-Tek)

Scoe (formerly known as Roscoe) is putting the finishing touches on his newest project, Tha Influence. It will feature production from Just Blaze, Nottz, Hi-Tek, Jake One, DJ Khalil, Bink! & features from Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Kurupt, Devin The Dude, Glasses Malone, Kendrick Lamar & Slim The Mobster. Not too shabby... for now enjoy this leak from the project and expect Tha Influence out soon.

Gerald Walker - Bulletproof Soul (video)

The latest from Mr. Walker's Believers Never Die.

Nas - Bye Baby (video)

Nas gives one of my favorite tracks on the album the visual treatment. Bye Baby...

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz - Thrift Shop (video)

Some cold ass honkeys right here.

Ruby Hornet X Sound Scape - Closed Sessions Vol. 2

Ruby Hornet X Soundscape Studios presents the second installation of the Closed Sessions. The 16 track album features some heavy production from the likes of veteran Beat Junkie DJ Babu as well as new up and comers Million $ Mano and Thelonious Martin. The guest emcees read like a list of everyone in Chicago you wish you could be rocking but can't, because you're not on the list. Sessions closed homie, maybe next year.

Curtiss King ft. Hit Boy & Glasses Malone - Ratchets Still Jockin (remix)

Curtiss King's camp just dropped off the remix. Some dope co-signs on this one.

G-Eazy - Must Be Nice [album teaser] (video)

Must Be Nice  /////  September 26th 2012

Emilio Sparks X Papoose (interview)

Emilio Sparks has the one and only Papoose in the studio with him. Some pretty interesting stuff right here. Check it out.

Pac Div ft. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino - Black Acura (prod. Thelonious Martin)

Pacific Division + Mac Miller + Thelonious Martin = Beast Mode

Fresco Clean - Squeaky Clean (prod by Soleternity)

Fresco Clean is back on the scene gettin loose like a children's tooth. This is a new joint off his up coming up project called Squeaky Clean.

J-Live - As I Start [Over] (video)

The original "As I Start" is the intro skit to J-Live's latest album "S.P.T.A Said Person of That Ability". On "As I Start (Over)", J revisits the track with a verse to bring people up to speed on things. The video was shot and edited in its entirety at J's home studio in Decatur, GA. In addition, what you're witnessing is footage of the actual recording of the song.

Skyzoo - Liquor & Sneakers (prod. by Illmind)

Skyzoo is on his Gordan Gartrel flow.

Vic Mensa X Thelonius - Naked Pictures

Ruby Hornet just premiered Vic and Thelonius's ode to sexting. This is the first release from their forthcoming EP, Part Two.

Lyriciss - My Life (video)

Lyriciss kicks an introspective flow over a Roy Ayers meets Mary J backdrop produced by Slimkid 78.

2 Chainz ft. Kanye West - Birthday Song (video)

German chocolate cake and a big booty hoe please?

Equalibrum - Twenty Two (instrumentals)

The good folks over at Potholes just dropped one of the most creative instrumental projects I've heard all year. Connecticut / california representative Equalibrum does a great job of rehashing some classic sounds and creating some killer loops.

 Download on Bandcamp

Evil Ebenezer - The Birds (video)

The Stomp Down clique holds it down for our neighbors to the North West. Beat and Video done by Stuey Kubrick. I'm really feeling that Gravediggaz howl in concord with that crow sample. DEAD.

THURZ ft. Strong Arm Steady - Colors (video)

@MISTERWHITMORE Helps Thurz reveal the true colors of fake foes.

Charmingly Ghetto X Cypria - Chozen 1

Charmingly Ghetto and Cypria are gearing up to release the Scotland Yahd EP on September 4th and Donuts & Milk x Word Is Bond are excited to present that latest single off of the EP, a track titled "Chozen 1".
Cypria's bass driven production on this track provides a sultry backdrop as C.G. flows charismatically on topics of love, acceptance and relationships in an undeniably smooth cadence.

El-P and Despot Freestyle (video)

Is it me or does the pitchfork dude have a wicked poker face at all times. He either is really uninterested in the artists he's interviewing or he does a great job of holding back ANY excitement. He is masterful at the straight-face. Despot rips it over the 'Harlem Shake' instro and EL-P is intricate as ever with his verse.

Phlo Finister - Wrong # (video)

It looks like the normally goodish RVIDER KLVN is taking a step back from assailing verses over lo-fi beats. Phlo Finister lends her ethereal voice to Jay Curry's 'art-house' production to create a throwback vibe with a progressive feel. 

Brother Ali - Mourning In America

This is the title track to my new album, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. The first half of the album highlights and critiques the dire situation in which we live. The second half outlines the tremendous opportunity we have to re-imagine and reform our society. This song is an observation and a critique of our culture of death and murder. From actual war zones around the world to our own inner cities where this summer's death rates rival war zones. I also address our national hypocrisy regarding violence. We have a zero tolerance policy of violence committed against us, but we're a lot more lenient and patient when it comes to the violence we commit. "A life is a life and a killer is a killer". -Brother Ali

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mellohype - La Bonita (video)

Left Brain and Hodgy are getting ready for the Numbers album. Visuals to La Bonita get us one step closer.

Frank Ocean - Pink Matter (Manik Rework)

Manik remakes a deep dance floor version of Frank and Andre Benjamins "Pink Matter." This tune reminds me of Miami nights back when I was Columbian drug lord in the 80's. I'd pull my Ferrari right onto the sidewalk in front of Club La Chocha. It was always still there when we left the next morning.

Woody's Produce - Flight (instrumental)

Westcoast producer Woody's Produce drops his 2nd single off of his upcoming instrumental tape, LIMES. The 12-track project will be released September 5th on and will include high quality drum samples from LIMES for aspiring producers.

Stomp Down Killaz Tour Teaser (video)

Track is "Gretzky" by Caspian

Elaquent - I Had To Do It

Here is a chill listen into Elaquent's Toronto studio.

Esohel X Chandler London - In Too Deep (video)

We've been following Chicago's Esohel career for over a year now and it's dope to see him doing bigger and bigger things. If you like what you see here make sure to support his latest single featuring NYC MC Nitty Scott entitled "Paid Dues."

Big Sean - How It Feel Mixtape Preview (video)

Detroit is poised to drop next Wednsday Sept 5th. "How It Feel" is produced by Treated Crews Million $ Mano. Video by Mike Carson & Mike Waxx.

Tuki Carter - Hustle On

Cardo produced some shit to strap your laces too. 

Jeremy Ellis - Maschine Performance (video)

Maschine is know for their innovations in music production technology. Here Jeremy takes some equipment for a test run down Soul Sonic Force lane. 

Auggie The 9th ft. Cadillac Duke - New Edition

Na$im Williams produces a soulful backdrop for Auggie's aggressive Pokemon flow. Cadillac get's busy too.

Showbiz & AG ft. Frank V and OC - Every Time I Touch The Mic

Showbiz and Andre (the) Giant flex their longevity muscles and bless us with thier first single off of Mugshot Music.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Johnson & Jonson - Oh, Ox

Unreleased Johnson & Jonson (Blu & Mainframe) song recorded in 2008, on an upcoming untitled J&J project that will accompany the Danny Johnson album. This project will feature acrhived J&J material, unreleased tracks, and new exclusives as well. The Johnsons will be officially announcing the project some time shortly.

Rockie Fresh – Reach For The Stars

Rockie Fresh decided to unleash a new track for the fans today.

Chuuwee - Cat Williams (video)

Chuuwee get's busy over the Dilla X SV joint "Climax." His little interlude gives you a look into what happens when young go getters get distracted by the homies. He handles himself perfectly.

Qualmes - International Southern Dope Tunes (Mixtape)

We're honor to premiere here on D&M, Qualmes' debut 'tape 'International Southern Dope Tunes'. The L.A. native is here with 12 new tracks inspired by his Danish and Southern influences, you truly have never heard a project quite like this.

Danny Brown - Live @ Livin Proof (video)

Noisey is following artists around for 24 hrs. Yesterday they premiered the OFWGKA 24 hr and today it's the Danny Brown version. Check him out at the TNGHT listening session then at his Livin Proof live show.

Homeboy Sandman - Foundation Part 2 (video)

Part 2 of the three part series. Sandman can say the rest for himself. 

Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars (video)

Lupe continues stratal the line between the popy-ness of Lazers and the raw Hip Hop of the first Food and Liquor. I understand he's making the move in the right direction though I just wish he could just get back to doing what we all fell in love with. I suppose that's just the price fame sometimes requires of our favorite artists.

Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era Freestyle (video)

The Pro Era Crew sits down with Pitchfork to discuss styles and sounds. Then they kick one off the top knot.

Beedie - Robert Marley (video)

Beedie revisits the classic D.I.T.C track produced by Buckwild.

Dj Jazzy Jeff - Life Colors Mix

Jazzy Jeff could do nothing but country music mixes the rest of his career. It would still work and we would continue to support him and all his horrible decisions. This mix though, is full of incredible decisions. Jazz shows he is in touch with the rock, rap and dance music. He keeps things relevant and brilliantly up-beat. This is what we will be bumping all week. Shout to Charmingly Ghetto for the heads up.

Illogic and Blockhead - Heartless

Illogic and Blockhead's upcoming project Preparing for Capture 2 has been pushed back to September 11th, but they did leak another track and the album art. So that's a plus...

Top Dolla Raz - Fresh Out

We just got the 2nd leak off of Top Dolla Raz's upcoming project Reign on the Parade which drops September 18th via


Cliche mixtape descriptions like "highly anticipated" and "long-awaited" are simply played out. I'm gonna think of some new shit. How about... Been looking forward to this like a Nastrodamus premonition. Get it, looking forward?.. Ah whatever I'm not worried. I haven't pressed play yet but I know this tape has got some real potential. Find out for yourself.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dice & Bobby Earth - Hallway Legends

This Houston duo caught my attention a while back. Dice and Bobby Earth have definitely put in some work on this one. This is their latest project Hallway Legends.

ANTHM - Life Imitates Art (video)

Ben Brain - Ghost (video)

There is a lot of cool shit going on in this video, the floral grandma chair, The black and white overlay symmetrical overlay and the choppy editing. It's simple but it works well with the lo-fi production and the overall theme of the track. S/O Portland Oregon.

Follow: @BrainIsBrain 

Dom O Briggs ft. Teon Pierce & Ryshon Jones - Outchea (Remix)

This song will find its way on Dom O Briggs new project Gr8Summer which will be released August 28th. There will also be a release party happening tonight in Brooklyn,sponsored by Adult Swim, DealWithNoDeal & Dreaming In Brooklyn.

Snak The Ripper ft. Bishop Brigante - Bombay Dreams (video)

Here's the latest visuals from Snak The Ripper's White Dynamite project.

Ground Up - Bag It Up

Ground Up is back with another instalment of their #Supernaturalseries

Hoodie Allen - Feel The Love (prod. by RJF)

 While gearing up for his next tour just two weeks away, Hoodie decided it was time to give my fans another free track to vibe to. This one is “Feel The Love”

Legit - Leave (Prod. By MF Doom)

Legit drops a few bars about his ex over this woozy MF Produced joint. 

Skrillex X Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem After Hours EP (teaser)

I'm a musical purist. My parents had me listening to reggae before Damian had burned anything at all. While Jr. Gong was a sober little child still playing with Haile Selassie action figures, I was Jammin. I've been listening to Dub Step since before Skrillex had even thought of shaving the side of his head. While Sonny was busy writing death metal riffs my ears where set to 140 bpm and dialed in on Brighton, London.

I only said that to preface this. STOP HATING. Both these men have taken something cool and updated it into something new. Now they are joining forces and I am cosigning.

Shortfyuz ft. H. Blanco, Manstar & Ghetto - 4 This $ (video)

Peep how they grind in the 978. Ten Cuidado. Off Bombthreat Volume 2: Evacuate The Building'  

Rapsody ft. Childish Gambino & GQ - Beautiful Music

Rapsody just released an exclusive joint that was reserved for the deluxe version of "The Idea of Beautiful."

Fat Joe ft. Kanye West, Miguel, Jadakiss, Yasiin Bey, DJ Khaled, Roscoe Dash & Busta Rhymes – Pride And Joy (video)

Fat Joe and the Hip-Hop all-star's link up with the one and only Hype Williams for his latest Pride and Joy. Let us know what you think. S/O to MTV2

Rass Kass - Sushi

I like my rhymes like O.D.B liked his shimmy shimmy ya... RAW. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bro Safari - Back To Skool Mix Vol. 2

Meet me in the TRAP.

Lando Wilkins - Cheerleader (video)

Lando delivers the cleanest visual I've seen him come with yet.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rapsody ft. Mac Miller & The Cool Kids - Round Table Discussion

Rapsody and Nitty have been head to head as my preferred female MC for 2012. Although being on Jamala Records and having access to 9th Wonder does give Rapsody a slight edge, her verse on this joint just solidified her crown. 

Karmaloop - Behind The Brand (video)

From Karmaloop:
COMUNE was created by people who embrace the rawness and imperfections of everyday life and use it to creatively push boundaries in fashion through art, music, skate, and snow.

Major Lazer ft. Amber - Get Free

Major Lazer takes a traditional Dub vibe back to the Island where this beautiful music began. Shot completely in Jamaica by SoMe and produced by Iconoclast the visual gives a cohesive inside look at the Jamaican lifestyle. The cameras follow all walks of Jamaican entertainment from the night life of  Jamaican bikers and Dance Hall crews to the daily life of athletes and school children. This "Get Free" video serves as a gorgeous cross-section to an incredible culture while the songs message is something that resounds world wide.

Jaye ft. Ab-Soul - Gods

Jaye feat. Ab-Soul on his newest track 'Gods'. This is off his upcoming mixtape "Fiat Lvx" dropping August 31st.

Add-2 - Bring Em Out (video)

Add-2 flexes his comedic acting chops with his latest Cam-Be directed visual. Meanwhile producer Ant creates a thick marching band soundscape by layering horns, strings, keys and drums. After watching the vid we all know what the first few things Add-2 would be on if he won the Illinois Mega Millions. He'd tear up all his parking tickets, shit on his enemies and dance in the streets. Until Waffle gang shows up and stomps his happy a$$. That's when when things get weird.

DK - Eardrums

While the homie DK is building a fan base in the Windy his real focus is building a buzz world wide hence the Cover art. The Outside EP will be dropping on Monday peep the sampler below. 

Lyricks - Nolas (video)

Virginia native Lyricks links with Tripmaster and Knocksteady TV. He kicks about three minutes of memory lane fire.
Follow: @writelyricks

Common - No Sell Out (prod. by NO I.D.)

NO I.D. recently dropped a leftover joint that didn't make his and Common's full length. If your a J5 fan you'll recognize the keys from the "Concrete Streets" jam from way waaay back. Once Petey Weestro's verse kicks in the track takes a turn towards the choppy organs of RZA produced "Liquid Swords." With "No Sell Out" Common's classic story telling abilities go full throttle, with an added pinch of Yeezy... maaaan.

e.d.g.e - 32 For I.G.O.D

e.d.g.e.'s latest freeverse over the Freddie Gibbs/Madlib collab "Thuggin'" instrumental, on behalf of his homie I.G.O.D. of

Aaron Cohen - Helen Keller (video)

If your 'bout that bullshit Aaron wants you to know that he can't see or hear you, but he can probably smell you. I'm pretty sure Helen Keller had an amazing sense of smell.

Boaz - My Way (video)

Boaz kicks some criminal smoothness over a funky ass beat.  Off the forthcoming Boaz project "Bases Loaded" on Rostrum Records.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thurz - L.N.S

Thurz linked with producers Chordz and DJ Dahi for "L.N.S". This is off  his upcoming 517 W Queen Tape.

Hoodie Allen ft. Jhameel - No Faith In Brooklyn (Keljet Remix)

Hoodie got the remix treatment. Check it out...

TheDREAMERS – You Know

The track is full of lavish rhymes and ill punchlines on the dopest backdrop provided by  producer: AX

Method Man ft. Freddie Gibbs & StreetLife - Built For This

Method Man teams up with Freddie Gibbs and StreetLife for the first single off The Man With The Iron Fist soundtrack.

A-Trak - Ghosts N' Stuff (video)

The many disguises of a turn table genius.

ELMNT ft. Lyve - All Figured Out

All Figured Out is the latest from Toronto emcee ELMNT. With production by Lyve (Tona, HighDEF) this release of All Figured Out serves as the leading single off the “Stara-Nova mixtape”.

Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype ft. Ill Bill, Guilty Simpson & Shabaam Sahdeeq - The Walking Dead

don't be scared... they're only zombies. Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype's V.I.C album is due out 9-25-12.

Martin $ky - Three To Get Ready (video)

Martin $ky has been bubblin lately. This is his latest... Three To Get Ready.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Noah Bility ft. Dotropolis - Breathable (video)

Noah Bility links up with the windy city's Dotropolis for this dope and pretty hilarious visual. Check it out and you can cop it here.

Buggs Tha Rocka - Chicken Soup for Tha Soul (video)

Buggs Tha Rocka and Dj Clockwork just dropped the 3rd visual from their Wrath of Zeus collab. Press play foolies.

Dj Rhettmatic - Late Night In Amsterdam

As part of the Beat Junkies Rhettmatic was one of the origional Bay Area "Turntableists." He's been in the biz for more than 15 years and here is proof that he isn't slowing down.

Roc Marciano - 76

Roc preps the world for what to expect for his next project, Reloaded which should be dropping the second week of November on Decon. At first listen the self produced track '76 plays through like a homage to hard nose Queens heads. Roc's abstract poetry and lax delivery are reminiscent of early Prodigy minus the deep rasp. Roc's heavy Long Island accent and graphic descriptions are what set him apart. 

"I let 20 hit your strawberry Pele, burn holes in your belly like Henny"

Mookie Jones - Dank (video)

Off Mookies #MAC Mixtape. Roll up that Elephant trunk.

Wrekonize - Start It Up (Freestyle)

Wreck goes in over some clue. Bitch I'm Back dropping Aug 31st. 

TEKNYC - DOMO Burner (video)

From Tek:
A lot of people from the neighborhood (LA at 1801 Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park) came up & kicked it with me while i painted the mural. It was really fun to see the kids reaction when they saw Domo there live. This was one of the funnest murals i've gotten to paint. Thank you Domo!!

Soul Starr - Illuminate (Soul Travel Part 2)

From Lunatick Records: "Soul Travel Part 2:Illuminate" is Soul Starr's second instrumental release with Lunatick Records, after releasing the well-received "Midnight Clues" beat tape with the imprint back in 2010

Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul – M00N

Chicago's Supreme Cuts and Haleek Maul link up for the next joint off of the forthcoming Mishka sponsored Chrome Lips project. I gotta say this gloomy production coupled with this Ghostbuster artwork has me pretty creeped out at the moment.

Sir Michael Rocks - GED (video)

The second video from Sir Michael Rocks "Lap Of Lux"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Consequence ft. John Legend - Why Do I Even Go Home

Cons links up with John Legend and The Audible Doctor for his latest.

Lupe Fiasco - B*tch Bad (video)

Lupe is back with visuals to B*tch Bad.

Frank Leone - Gotham

Some new heat from Chi spitter Frank Leone.