Friday, November 30, 2012

Elzhi - Deep (Sourface Remix)

Sourface and Elzhi get DEEP.

Proph ft. Joe Cool - Jordans

Proph and Joe Cool link up to go over the Jordan take over of young lives in America. Don't get me wrong... I've always been a fan of the OG 3's, UNDFTD 4's, space jams, and a hand full of others, but how many times can your really buy the same damn shoe? Retro is not the answer. Really tho...

Arima Ederra ft. Blu – Questions

Good Morning... Get your mind right.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Game ft. Nipsey Hussle - Judas' Closet

Just two California rappers doing California rapper stuff.

Jimmy Fallon: Why Our Generation Needs His Show


            I bet you weren’t expecting to run into an article on Jimmy Fallon on this website. I have good reason though.

            Fallon knows his audience, and makes sure to keep his target demographic interested.  Not only is he the youngest current late night talk show host, his show is catered toward the youngest audience.  While not all fans may not like his spoof of the Jersey Shore, or the beer pong game, or something like “Spanx But No Spanx,” the point is that we get it.  I’d love to see Letterman try to toss a pong ball into a cup of beer with Ben Kingsley, but I’m not holding my breath.  Fallon is able to do all sorts of gag sketches and goofy bullshit, but his presentation and attitude are all so fun that no one minds. No matter what he does he’ll never take anything too seriously.   

Fallon has a few famous and influential pals from his SNL days, including (still-relevant) comedy icons like Will Ferrell, Amy Phoeler, Tina Fey, Bill Hader and more.  It’s always a delight to see these former SNL cast members get interviewed, but does anyone else feel like it doesn’t make a difference?  These are some of his best friends yet he has the same enthusiasm for when he interviews a Nickelodeon star.  Fallon seems to respect and admire EVERYONE.  He is grateful for his show and he always respects the career of the given guest.  Youtube sensation, animal expert, athlete, young artist, movie star, it doesn’t matter to Fallon.  It’s like he has been waiting his whole life to ask Dog the Bounty Hunter where he likes to eat breakfast, or how long Helen Mirren has been knitting for.  When it comes to the musical guests, he loves being ahead of the times.  He proudly holds up the vinyl for the artist, shouts excitedly when it’s a TV debut, and lets the music speak for itself, without taking too much credit.

Homeboy Sandman - Illuminati (video)

This is what genius looks and sounds like.

Charmingly Ghetto ft. ScienZe - Simple Days

CG links up with ScienZe on his latest. He delivers HEAT as usual. S/O to the homie Q over at TMB for sending this my way.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Word Is Bond 3rd Anniversary Compilation

Big SHOUT OUT to our sisters and brothers from another mother over at Word Is Bond. They just turned three so they put together this hand picked compilation to celebrate. They definitely brought some heat to the party on this one.

Curtiss King - Atychiphobia (album)

One of the hardest working artists in the game, Curtiss King, just dropped his debut album Atychiphobia. This is one indie artist that deserves to be heard. Hit the jump for the tracklist and a sampler of the album.

Atychiphobia: Download

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DJ Carnage - Teke Teke (video)

DJ Carnage is a beast. End of story.

Dao Jones ft. Austin - Baller For Real

If one was to relate projects today to a drink I think most would be a quick shot of tequila or maybe a vodka redbull. You know... something to give you that quick jolt for the moment. Mr. Jones' Dao Era project on the other had would probably relate to something more like a well aged cabernet. Both will get you where you need to be. They just do it in different ways. With that said this is the latest leak of Dao Jones up coming project Dao Era. Enjoy...

Soul Khan - Not Like That (video)

Soul Khan is back.

Pac Div ft. Mac Miller - Black Acura (video)

So Mac Divulous of them... GMB dropped today! Get it HERE.

T.I. ft. Andre 3000 - Sorry

ATL's finest link up for this gem. We need more Three Stacks.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Local Nobodies - Runaway

Sulaiman & Mathien form the epic duo Local Nobodies. Check out their brand new record "Runaway" below!

J.Nolan - Can't Stop (video)

Can't Stop Won't Stop...

Roosh Williams - Cannabis Cookies

Just got that new Roosh...

Yo-Dot - Finest Gangsta (video)

Yo-Dot takes you on a ride down memory lane in his latest visual to Finest Gangsta.

Scheme - The Change (Glory)

Scheme continues releasing remakes while working on his upcoming LP Pesos Turns to Dollars. This time around he creates The Change (Glory), which embodies everything the artist has experienced within the last 4 months, and also serves as a proclamation of what's to come, both personally and musically.

Game ft. Wale – Stripper

I could smell hints of vanilla perfume on my shirt after I listened to this track. 

Puck - GITIT (video)

Puck is back with his latest called GITIT. This joint is on another level to say the least.

Dom O Briggs ft. Zoo Beeze - Karl Kani

Had a loooong turkey weekend... now back to business. Dom O Briggs is back with some playertastic pimpin type shit entitled Karl Kani. This has nothing to do with 90's denim. (laughs) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Realistic - Its Me (video)

Realistic just dropped off his latest visual to Its Me. Look for some big things coming out of the Realistic camp real soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dag Savage - D.A.G S.A.V (video)

Exile and Johaz are... [[[DAG SAVAGE]]]

This is the first video from their Salvation mixtape.

The Kid Daytona ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Hollands

Chitowns Raheem devon hops on a soulful joint with the god Daytona.

Rah Digga ft Fashawn & REKS - Never Back Down

New Jeru rap veteran Rah Digga joins forces with Australia's M-Phazes for "Never Back Down." Consisting of two versions, the original mix featuring Fresno's Fashawn and Beantown's REKS, in addition to the previously leaked remix featuring the Michigan born, Florida raised and now NYC transplant Nitty Scott, MC.

Twin Towers - Put Em Up

TURT UP... with two Ts.

Devine Carama - Thank You

Today Devine Carama is releasing his entire 11 project discography, spanning from 2001-2012, for FREE via my Bandcamp page as a "thank you" to all the fans that have supported his music and growth over the years as an artist. His discography includes features from such artists as Canibus, CunningLynguist, Nappy Roots, Thee Tom Hardy, Sheisty Khrist, Nemo Achida, Rob Jackson, & more. The entire discography (albums, mixtapes, and EPs) will be available for FREE download through Black Friday, so jump on it!

Devine Carama's complete catalog: Download

Obii Say ft. ABthePro - Plastic

It's always a good day when we get some new Obii Say

JR Mint ft. The Kid Daytona - Shooting Stars

Toronto's own JR Mint preps for his new album in early 2013 by releasing Shooting Stars featurning South BX native The Kid Daytona.

Wally Left - Dirty Wuns

I usually would be hung over as shit right now feeling like a little bitch... but no. So sit back watch some football, grab some turkey, give thanks, and listen to this new Wally Left. Happy Turkey day foolies!

Ill Bill - When I Die (video)

Ill Bill bringing some heart felt feeling to his latest... When I Die.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Signif - Rocket Fuel [PCP] (video)

Signif's camp just sent over brand new visuals off her latest project  SIGNIFICANT WIZDOM II: ATYPICAL.

Dana Coppa & SPEAK Easy ft. Proph - One Of These Kids

Just got some new heat from our MKE fam. This track will be featured on an up coming unifi records project due out early 2013.

Sound FX - Slumber Party

Sound FX has been on my radar for a minute. They are always on their game. This is their latest entitled Slumber Party....

Mac Miller - You (ep)

Mac Miller aka Larry Lovestein is back with a grooved out little concept ep. Mac is definitely stepping out on a creative limb with this one. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

You: download

Thurz ft. Johnny Polygon – Are You Not (video)

Thurz drops visuals to his Johnny Polygon co-signed joint Are You Not. You can cop this from his 517 W Queen Tape mixtape.

Wiz Khalifa ft. Cam'ron - The Bluff

Wiz links up with Killa Cam on his latest...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rome Clientel – My Inner War (Video)

Off the DJ Booth-sponsored The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP.

DEEzo - Stupid (video)

Deezo ain't cupid, but they stupid. 

Add2 - Waves Freestyle

Add-2 gets on the Joey BadAss "Waves" track. 

Diplo Mix For Sway In The Morning

Dip spins a trapish set for Shade 45.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Lung - PASMETHABLUNT (video)

Black Lung drops a drugged out visual

Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Sean - Fear (video)

I'm not afraid of my fears.  - Big Sean

Chuuwee - 40 Oz's & 40 Sacs (video)

Chuuwee drops a visual off of Wildstyle: SideA

Proph - On Ten (video)

Proph gives his joint, On Ten, the visual treatment. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Treated Crew - TreaTed (album)

you have officially been TreaTed... 

Wax - Toothbrush (video)

Wax gets in over his head with stage five clinger and hilarity ensues. He gets smothered into a hick oblivion and smashes the bitches with his garbage bag. yeah.

Cody ChesnuTT - KEXP Full Performance (video)

So Cody looks like he's been spending the last few years on the streets of Seattle. Apparently he stumbled into this studio and found a steal string guitar. Luckily he had a few tracks up his sleeve. At first I really thought he was alone but you'll find out there actually is an audience. I've seen this man live and it's just as powerful than any one man and his instrument have ever been.

2morrows Victory - Rancid Dreams

2morrows Victory makes it's Donuts debut with this woozy ode to loving in the moment. The Cosmic imagery compliments the Eckart Tole like message.

Homeboy Sandman - Sputnik (video)

Stonesthrow's prodigal child goes in with a who done it steeze. Who killed sandman? Was it the big brother? Or was it La cucaracha. You'll have to cop First Of A Living Breed to find out.

REKS ft. J. Nics - Bang Bang (Audible Doctor Remix)

The Audible Doctor recently teamed up with REKS and Numonics to create a remix of Bang Bang, a track off their recently released Rebelutionary album.

Neak - Love Greater (video)

Neak is back with a funky psychedelic visual to his joint Love Greater. Enjoy...

Black Dave - On Da Map (video)

...that moment when a skate board is actually used for thrashing in a Hip-Hop video instead of being used as a fake ass marketing tool. S/O Black Dave on a dope track and some ill skating.

dahLak - Of No Consequence

Sacramento emcee/producer dahLak describes the cultural landscape he’s found himself in through out his latest project Of No Consequence.

Calyx & TeeBee ft. Kemo - Pure Gold (video)

NYC hip hopper Kemo links up with drum and bass duo Calyx & TeeBee for this extravaganza of sonic goodness. They did a great job of merging an old school sound with a new school vibe. I'm really diggin the Strictly sample. Check it out...

Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss - Not Like That (video version)

This joint is a bonus track on Soul Khan's up coming Psalm EP

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Awkword - Doh


Green Street - All In A Day's Work (EP)

Recorded over the course of only one day at Converse’s Rubbertracks Studio in Brooklyn, Green Street brings you the All In A Day’s Work EP.

Moe Pope & Rain ft. Ceschi - Annie Mulz (video)

Moe Pope and Rain on some next level zombie type shit in their newest visual to Annie Mulz. It's a dope sound and dope production for sure. Look for the release of their up coming album Let The Right Ones In to hit the scene in late January 2013.

Capital Ode , Shawn K & Mouse Sucks - No Love

I've never heard of these guys before this. I dig it...

Rubixx- Window Seat (video)

The Boston indie hip-hop group Rubixx just dropped off their latest... Window Seat. Let us know what you think.

Ground Up - B*tch (Clique Remix)

Ground Up takes a stab at G.O.O.D music's Clique instrumental and this is what they had to say about it... "This was just us messing around and thanking the fans for the success of Supernatural. We are going to be dropping a lot of new and different material this year so stay tuned." - Ground Up

Kosha Dillz - It Was All A Dream

The ubiquitous Kosha Dillz details his own dreams and nightmares on "It Was All a Dream," produced by Tunisia's Balti (Baltiroshima). Both Inspired by and borrowing the classic quotable from the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" (for both the hook and the title), the song also concludes with similarly themed audio footage taken from an interview with the late Biggie. You can catch Kosha performing this Friday (11/16) at Brooklyn's Littlefield NYC, at The Rich + The Ratchet artist showcase featuring Kool AD, The Under Achievers, Aaron Cohen and more.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Future Freshman ft. Kembe X - We Grind

The Future Freshman camp just hit us with this new joint called We Grind. These folks are reppin Chicago to the fullest with out a doubt. The Kembe X assist is a nice touch too. Check it out...

Martin $ky - Invitation

Martin $ky keepin it movin with a new joint entitled Invitation.

Wiz Khalifa ft. The Weeknd - Remember You

New visuals from Wiz and The Weeknd's O.N.I.F.C collab.

E-40 & Too Short ft. B-Legit - Ballin Is Fun (video)

At some point you would think they would run out of things to say, but no. Bay area legends E-40 and Too Short are back with a double disc entitled History: Function of Mob Music. Here are some new visuals from the project.

St. Joe Louis - MIllenium Falcon (video)

St. Joe Louis is back with some tripped out visuals to Millenium Falcon. Enjoy...

Dom O Briggs – Black Chucks (video)

Dom O Briggs gives Black Chucks the visual treatment. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

XXYYXX ft. Beau Young Prince & Franky Murdock - About You (remix)

BYP and Franky Murdock get trippy on XXYYXX's track About You.

Mic Kurb - Broken Home

ASF's Mic Kurb just dropped his latest project entitled Broken Home

Chris McCain - Jordans and a Gold Chain (video)

Livin' it up...

Bramzwig - Bounce


Grade Aplus ft. Cadillac Duke – She Wanna Ride

The midwest connects with this new collab between #LOD representatives, Grade Aplus & Cadillac Duke.

J. Cole - Miss America

J. Cole gives you a sneak peek of what's to come. He just unleashed the first single from his up coming album Born Sinner.

Random - Trapped

MegaRan aka Random is back. The Pheonix emcee teams up with UK producer Thomas Prime after meeting up during the 'Forever Famicom' Tour for this joint entitled Trapped.

Logic - Concrete

Just got some new music from the Logic camp. This time around the DMV rhymesayer decided to tackle the one and only New York State of Mind pt. 2 instrumental by Nas. A tall feat for any man, but I think Logic did it justice. Check it out...

Curtiss King - Kings & Queens (Documentary)

I've always been a fan of Curtiss King and his grind. In this short doc he takes you on his journey to his recent Paid Dues performance. Also, look out for his up coming album Atychiphobia" (The Fear of Failure) to hit itunes in two weeks.

Zero Star - Flight School

Got that new Zero Star for all you people vibe to.

Sam Lachow & Raz ft. Magik - Good Reasons (video)

Sam Lachow & Raz's camp just hit us with their latest video for Good Reasons, featured on the 5 Good Reasons EP. 

Freddie Gibbs - BFK (video)

New visuals from Gangsta Gibbs 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Qualmes - The Pimp Chronicles Interlude (Video)

Be sure to check out Qualmes' 'InternationalSouthernDopeTunes' also!

Mel Wellman - Lyrical Homicide

Following the recent release of his EP, Flowers, Bowties & Candy, Philadelphia's Mel Wellman returns with some new material from his upcoming project Substance Abuse. This self-produced song's title says it all, it's lyrical homicide.

Azealia Banks

 Azelia takes us on a quick journey through her underwater world of psychedelia where you can ride a dolphin past the Greek column threshold into the outer atmosphere of Jupiter. The upbeat house soundbed is produced by Owwwwls, and the video was produced by Fafi.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kendrick Lamar - m.A.A.d City Live (video)

There is something about hearing a U.K. sing along to this track that makes it even more gully... m.A.A.d City.

M!NT ft. Meek Mill - Proper

The recipe is simple; combine lush progressive synths with trap arrangements and sprinkle in some Meek Mill 'House Party' lyrics. Then zone out. That's how its done properly.

Potatohead People - Kosmichemusik EP

This is the first  I'm hearing from this Canadian production duo and its a breath of cool fresh air. The Kosmichemusik EP takes soulful samplings arranged over crispy drums and creates a vibe that classes up your ear space in general. Fellow northerners Moka Only and Claire Mortifree make appearances along with the cheif curator of J Dilla's music catalog, Frank Nitt, who completes the cycle.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Savvy Sossa ft. Tay F 3rd - On The Turf

Just got inboxed with this turnt up track. S/O to DjCosTheKid on the head up.

Proph - Steady Chasin'

Just got some new music from the Proph camp. You can catch this one on his new album due out early 2013.

Wally Left ft. Boycott - I Aint Hatin Doe

Wally Left is in the building. Word on the street is that he will have a new project coming out real soon. Don't sleep foolies....